007: Road to a Million, teaser trailer and what to know about the James Bond-inspired series

The teaser trailer for is out 007: Road to a Million, the highly anticipated reality series inspired by the saga of the secret agent 007. It will be available from 10 November on Prime Video (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the Now Smart Stick app). The star of the television series Succession Brian Cox is the mind behind the game and dictates the rules of the Bond-themed competition.
It has launched a competition with a £1m cash prize. He will be The Controller and will control – precisely – the fate of the competitors. He will decide where the couples will go and what they will have to do. He will be the one to ask the questions, thus controlling the intricate challenge of each couple.
“The only thing standing in their way is me,” we hear Cox say in the video that previews what we’ll see on the show.
The first teaser trailer for 007: Road to a Million was released on James Bond Day, which is celebrated on October 5th. You can watch the video in the clip at the top, at the top of this article, or at the bottom.

In the teaser trailer we see nine pairs of contestants attempting to win a £1 million prize – a prize that would clearly radically change their lives. The competition they will have to try to win includes various challenges that will take them around the world. Each of these challenges is inspired by the James Bond films.

Contestants will have to answer ten questions created by The Controller (played by Brian Cox). For each correct answer, the team will collect a sum of money. But just one wrong move is enough and the competitors will be disqualified, with the impossibility of fulfilling their dream, that of winning the loot.

You can watch the teaser trailer for 007: Road to a Million in the video you find above, at the head of this article. You can also find the clip at the bottom.

The various scenarios are locations inspired by 007’s travels

The locations of this television series are those that provide the backdrop to 007’s many adventures.
From the Scottish Highlands to the isolated Atacama Desert in Chile, from the Swiss Alps to the streets of Venice, every place is connected to the epic of the British spy.
Each of the scenarios will be the backdrop to very difficult physical tests, challenging missions and nerve-wracking steps to say the least. Only by completing this phase will the competitors be able to move on to the next one.

The trailer teases some of the challenges the contestants will face. These include climbing a crane, balancing on a moving train as well as driving an Aston Martin on winding, hilly roads.

You can watch the teaser trailer for 007: Road to a Million in the video you find at the head of the article and also below.