100 kg less at Vite al Limite, but today Tracey leaves everyone shocked: few will believe it

Thanks to Vite al Limite she lost 100 kg, but today Tracey Matthews leaves everyone speechless: few will believe her story.

Forget the story of Tracey Matthews during the fifth season of Lives to the Limit it’s really impossible. Becoming known by the famous Real Time docu-reality show and Dr. Nowzaradan for her heavy weight, the woman impressed everyone with her change.

How did Tracey become today after Lives on the Limit? Credits: Discovery

At the time of her participation in Vite al Limite, Tracey’s weight reached 275 kg. Really exorbitant numbers, therefore, and which strongly influenced his days and her life. In addition to her extra pounds, Matthews said she was unable to carry out any type of activity due to some lymphedema present on her legs. Just think, even just getting out of bed had become a nightmare. Over 250 kg and aware that she wouldn’t go on for much longer, Tracey chose to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help. It is thanks to him, in fact, that she managed to lose 100 kg. What do we know today? Let’s proceed with order!

What happened to Tracey Matthews today after Lives on the Limit?

As well as that of Milla Clark, also the story of Tracey Matthews at Lives on the Edge deserves to be told aloud. The woman had chosen to participate in the program because of her enormous weight and, thanks to the program set by Dr. Nowzaradan, she was able to lose 100 kg. Everything seemed to be going well and Tracey seemed to have really figured out which way to go, but it didn’t. Before breaking any kind of record, as Justin did, the surgeon’s patient fell back into the vicious circle of food, risking expulsion. Fortunately, however, this was not the case at all.

How are you today? Unfortunately, knowing what we have just discovered will shock you! Tracey has completely disappeared from circulation. Her social channels haven’t been updated for some time, but she’s rumored to be continuing her diet. And we too hope so.

lives to the limit tracey today
Credits: Discovery

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