1000Farmacie, the startup that unites the best Italian pharmacies

1000Farmacie is a startup that aims to unite the best pharmacies in Italy, creating an online market for pharmaceutical products that can be purchased by users with a simple click. The startup quickly established itself as an innovative and dynamic reality, managing to bring together the forces of pharmacies – and their respective warehouses – and allowing users to order items at affordable prices, taking advantage of discounts and promotions. Thanks to 1000Farmacie the customer can choose the pharmacy from which to order according to his needs, receiving the products directly at home. Probably thanks to the pandemic, which highlighted the potential of digital health, the startup managed in a short time to involve over 80 pharmacies throughout Italy, reaching an average of over 15 thousand customers a month.

Cloud technology and rider delivery

Born from the idea of ​​Nicolò Petrone, young CEO of the startup, 1000Farmacie is a marketplace that aims to strengthen the online presence of pharmacies, allowing them to face the challenges of digital transformation. Thanks to technology cloud developed by the startup, in fact, pharmacists just need to connect to the system via a computer on during the opening hours to the public: in a few minutes they are read the stocks and prices of the products of the pharmacy, which are then transmitted to a central server. In this way, the higher costs of parallel management – physical and online – for the sale of items are avoided. In this way, the pharmacist can easily exploit all the advantages of e-commerce. 1000Farmacie has developed a model without stock, able to guarantee fast shipping thanks to delivery by rider. The startup therefore resumes the same system used for the food delivery, pointing to the environmental sustainability and the reduction of shipping costs.

Sales in the healthcare sector are also increasing

Pharmacies during the pandemic confirmed their role as territorial garrison to which the citizensi can refer, thanks to their proximity and diffusion throughout the national territory. With Covid there has been a strong increase in online purchases also in the pharmaceutical sector: a growth that was already present before the pandemic, but which the change in behavior of Italians has influenced so much that it has registered a real boom. According to Iqvia – multinational world leader in data processing and analysis in the field healthcare – in the 12 months from June 2020 to May 2021, the revenues of online pharmacies exceeded 423 million euros, with a growth of 51.5% compared to the same period of the previous year. In this context 1000Farmacie has managed to enter the positive trend of online sales of pharmaceutical products, becoming one of the most interesting companies in the Pharma retail sector and attracting a growing number of customers and investors.