14-year-old killed in Rome, his stepfather: “You shot from a white Ford, he died in my arms”

The man reconstructs the moments before the ambush: “A quarrel at the bar, then they arranged to meet me for clarification”

”Alexandru wasn’t that far from me, at a certain point he collapsed and I was scared to death because they had shot from the car without getting out”. Thus in an interview with ‘La Stampa’ Tiberiu, 28 years old, Romanian with a history of drug dealing, partner of Alexandru’s mother, the 14 year old killed in Rome on the night between Friday 12th and Saturday 13th January.

According to his reconstruction the shots came from ”a white Ford, but I couldn’t say the model”. When Alexandru was hit, he continues, ”I approached him and lifted his shirt: it was all covered in blood and had a hole at the level of his heart. He died in my arms’‘.

Alexandru’s mother and Tiberiu have two children aged 4 and 8 together. ”I also felt like a son to Alexandru, he was a very good boy, always kind to everyone. He was in eighth grade, he liked football, he willingly went to school and he didn’t deserve to die like that – says Tiberiu – Those two men from the East killed him for no reason. I will never forget what happened: he died in my arms,” ​​he repeats.

The appointment for clarification then the ambush

On the reasons why the two were in the car park at the terminus of metro C, in Pantano, at 3 in the morning Tiberiu explains: ”It wasn’t 3, but around 2.30. They had given me an appointment for clarification those two men with whom I had fought in the bar around 11pm”.

”They wrote to me on Messenger because we are friends on Facebook”, he clarifies: “‘We need to talk to you, we need to clarify, come to the car park’ and I went there together with Alexandru, his grandfather, his maternal uncle, my mother and my sister ”. ”Alexandru and his grandfather were with me at the bar when I argued with them – he continues – Then the three of us went from via Casilina to Acilia, about half an hour’s drive, for the birthday of Alexandru’s maternal uncle. And while we were there they looked for me to invite me to clarify. Alexandru’s uncle wanted to join my mother and sister also because they were worried about the argument I had had earlier in the bar”.

We had fought, he explains further, ”because those two were bullies. What do you want me to tell you? Maybe I was pissing him off, excuse the expression. Maybe he didn’t like me, but we are not people who can tolerate someone making fun of us. And we fought.” ”I thought it was over there – he adds – Instead they wrote to me on Messenger to see me ”.