2 Cellos: “We are different, it’s time to divide”. The interview

Ten years of success are a long time, especially in these times of extremely changing trends and fashions. Having reached the tenth anniversary, the 2 Cellos have decided to split up. Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser, the two Croatian cellists famous for their classical and disheveled arrangements of famous rock songs, are ready for a balance sheet, backed by an abundant billion online plays of their songs, sold out international tours and of six albums (the last one just released) very well received.

Luka, have you got an idea why it’s so successful?

S .: “You have to be dedicated, just like the title of our new album. You have to have a vision and work hard. You also need to have a good relationship with your partner. “

It is immediately back and forth with Hauser.

H .: “How did you do it?”

S.: “I don’t know”

H .: “We’re still friends, it’s unbelievable!”

(I interject) Yes, but you are separating …

H .: “We have had ten years of extraordinary success, but the time has come. Everyone has their own vision, a different passion, a personal lifestyle. Luka is a serious man now: he has three children and I am expecting my first. However, we have different lives and each one will go for himself. “

Can you tell us something about the music you will be doing in your respective solo careers?

S.: “I’ll make good music, I’m looking for inspiration. Hear you.”

H.: “You are really mysterious. For my part, I can say that separately we do things that we could not do together. I am a romantic, sensual, Latin man. It’s not like that with him: I have to be serious, rock and roll. “

We come to the new album: ‘Dedicated’. The style is unmistakable and the choice of the ten songs seems to have been made without risk. The lineup spans the last half century of popular music: Simon & Garfunkel, Bon Jovi, Beyoncé, Aerosmith, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish … All songs transformed with taste and musical cunning, but at the same time recognizable, like in a global greatest hits.

How did you choose the titles?

Hauser replies with a smile: “It was difficult to choose, because we had already done most of the songs. We did what remained, trying to take some great rock songs that everyone knows that we couldn’t do before, like ‘Livin’ on a prayer ‘,’ Sweet child o ‘mine “,’ Crying ‘: basically it’s all anthems. rock.”

The 2 Cellos have certainly contributed to breaking down some barriers between genres: their interpretations highlight the pure melodies of popular music with the taste of the classic interpreter in a fun confusion that renounces fixed points.

Stjepan, what do you think classical music is today?

H .: “Nowadays things have changed… The pop music of the past has become a kind of classic of today. It’s crazy how things turned so quickly. Today we too are considered classical music … “

Luka, don’t you think classical composers were like rock stars of their time?

“I think so. We read about these great composers, such as Vivaldi or Mozart, who in a certain sense had a life in the style of rock and roll, considering their eras. “

The farewell tour of the 2 Cellos is scheduled from March 2022 (In the USA) until June (In Europe), with an Italian stop on May 20 in Milan. Italy is in the heart of the 2 Cellos, not only because the first pushes towards the duo’s success came from this audience, but above all because the musical tradition of our country conquers them.

Hauser, are you planning to rearrange Italian songs in the near future?

H.: “Definitely. The best songs come from Italy.”

Any title?

Hauser responds by singing ‘O sole mio and then makes his list: “No sleep, Caruso, all the Neapolitan songs, Cavalleria rusticana …”

What about Italian music today?

H .: “Today’s music is not beautiful, you have lost the melody. Pop artists go to electronics. In history there is Belcanto and now the soul has been lost. You have to bring back the soul. “