2 June, Mattarella: “Networking to overcome challenges and crises”

The head of state in a message to the Prefects for Republic Day: “Work in concert by looking at a broad horizon for the use of resources, starting with the Pnrr”

“Networking between the State and Autonomies to overcome challenges”. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, requests it in the message sent to the Prefects on the occasion of 2 June, Republic Day, so that they can be interpreted in the initiatives promoted locally on the anniversary.

“I wish to express the gratitude of the Republic -continues the Head of State- for the valuable contribution you offer, in the various territorial contexts, to the concrete implementation of the constitutional values ​​of freedom, equality and solidarity”. “Still Non the last few weeks, with tireless commitment, on the occasion of the flood emergency which hit Emilia-Romagna and the territories of Tuscany and the Marches so hard, the Prefects, together with the regional and provincial bodies, the Mayors, the Police Forces, the Fire Brigade, the rescue bodies, the world of volunteers , alongside the territories wounded by the events, have testified to the solidarity and industrious closeness of the institutions to the needs and pain of people and communities”.

“It is the networking between the State, local autonomies, institutions and components of civil society -recalls the President of the Republic- that allows you to face and overcome challenges and crises. With an eye that always knows how to look beyond the emergency to give citizens effective and lasting responses”. “Having a shared vision, being capable of well-coordinated work, are essential to work together for an effective use of available resources, starting with those made available by National Recovery and Resilience Plan in a logic of broad horizon”.

“There closeness to the most fragile segments of the population, to marginalized situations – to improve, starting from the most difficult contexts, the quality of life in the territories – with particular attention to the phenomena of degradation and situations of social unease, especially of the young and the elderly, is an issue that challenges the Prefectures, with effects positive effects on social cohesion and the safety of communities”.

“Social mediation, listening and dialogue with all the actors are precious for addressing the issue of work today, for the affirmation of legality, in the fight against all forms of exploitation, ensuring every effort to raise the safety of working conditions “. “Promoting the concrete realization of the principles of good performance and impartiality, favoring bureaucratic cooperation and the functioning of public apparatuses, is a task of impulse – finally recalls Mattarella – which rightfully belongs to the Prefectures, territorial offices of the Government “.

Pnrr: Mattarella