2021 gold medal for Italian tennis, Binaghi: “Berrettini and Sinner da Slam”

Federal President: “The prospects for next year and future years are even better”

“A golden season for our tennis is coming to an end and the prospects for next year and future years are even better. We have two guys capable of aiming to win Grand Slam tournaments. The competition is very strong but the conditions are right. to repeat the achievements of girls in the decade 2006/2016 “. Fit president Angelo Binaghi outlines the 2021 balance sheet of Italian tennis at Adnkronos.

“There is a bit of regret about the knockout in the quarter-finals of the Davis Cup against Croatia but let’s not forget that we had to give up the number one due to injury – adds the number one in Italian tennis -. We are the only ones together with Russia. to have two players in the top ten and, with a full staff, we had what it takes to reach the final “.

The female sector is also growing. “The girls have also grown a lot with Giorgi who won a 1000 tournament in Canada beating all the strongest and Paolini who hit her first tournament in the major circuit in Portorož. In proportion they have improved more than the boys”, concludes Binaghi .