2022 elections, political polls: Fdi 24.8%, Pd down to 23%

This is what emerges from the weekly Political Thermometer survey carried out between 30 August and 2 September 2022

For the 2022 political elections, “the voting intentions recorded by Termometro Politico see Fdi in the lead with 24.8% and the Democratic Party down by three tenths to 23%. A slight decline for the League (13.9%) while the M5S it gains almost a point compared to the previous survey, settling at 11.6%. Forza Italia is down by two tenths to 7%, the third pole composed of Action and Italia Viva rises to 5.1%. Below the threshold the other parties: Italexit (2.8%), Sinistra / Verdi (2.7%), + Europe (1.7%), Italia Sovrana (1.7%), Unione Popolare (1.5%), Noi Moderate (1.1%), Alternative for Italy (0.8%) and finally Civic Commitment (0.6%) “. This is what emerges from the Political Thermometer weekly survey carried out between 30 August and 2 September 2022.

“This election campaign was also inundated with promises from the parties. The surprise is that the majority of the voters of the political forces in the field give credit to these promises. 28% believe blindly while 56.5% consider the promises as indications of a direction that will then be respected. 8% believe that most of the promises will not be respected while only 4.3% are sure that in the end any commitment made during the election campaign by the political forces will not be respected “.

“Despite the disaffection with politics, the majority of respondents believe that voting is useful above all ‘to really affect the direction of the country (62.9%)’ and also ‘to block the way for leaders and sides that would lead Italy into the wrong direction (22.2) “. The percentage of Italians who trust the premier is stable (44.2%)”. Tp surveys: methodological note. Survey carried out using the CAWI method, 5500 interviews collected between 30 August and 2 September 2022.