2024 US primaries, DeSantis withdraws from the race and supports Trump

Twist in the race for USA 2024 among the Republicans: Ron DeSantis has suspended his campaign. The governor of Florida himself announced it a video posted on his social channels. “I don’t see a clear path to victory. That’s why I’m suspending my campaign. It’s clear to me that the majority of Republican voters in the primaries want to give Donald Trump another chance,” he explained. Then he added: Trump is “superior to Joe Biden. I have signed a commitment to support whoever is nominated among the Republicans, and I will honor it”.

Support for Trump

“After our second-place finish in Iowa, we decided what path to take,” DeSantis explained. “If I could do anything to produce a favorable outcome, I would. But I cannot ask our supporters to volunteer their time and donate their resources.” Then, returning to Trump, he underlined again that the Tycoon has his support, because “we cannot go back to the old Republican guard”.

How racing changes

Meanwhile, New Hampshire fever is rising. On the eve of Tuesday’s primaries, the first real ones after the caucuses in Iowa, the clash between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley is becoming increasingly tougher, as the two real candidates in the state remain after the decision taken by Ron DeSantis and the Vivek Ramaswamy and Tim Scott left the race, the latter two having already jumped on the tycoon bandwagon. Haley herself, about DeSantis, said: she “ran a good campaign”, but “now it’s a two-way race”. According to observers, it is unclear whether the Florida governor’s votes will go to the former president given that DeSantis, like Haley, has aimed to establish himself as the anti-Trump.