2030 Agenda explained to children, ‘I take care of you’

The free environmental education program promoted by WWF Italia and Regina (Sofidel Group) is aimed at primary and lower secondary schools

After the success of the 2021/2022 edition, in which over 12,500 classes and 276 thousand students participated throughout Italy, registrations are open for the new edition of ‘Mi Curo di Te’, the free environmental education program promoted by WWF Italia and Regina (Sofidel Group) aimed at primary and lower secondary schools to discover, know and love our planet and learn to adopt virtuous behaviors that can be good for the environment and society.

The aim of the project is to sensitize the new generations on the connections existing between everyday gestures and the great global phenomena, to stimulate curiosity and to motivate them to adopt sustainable behaviors. All with an exceptional mascot: Milla, the ant protagonist of the Regina Cartacamomilla toilet paper commercials.

Starting from the knowledge of the UN Agenda 2030, the ninth edition of ‘Mi Curo di Te’ will lead children and young people to discuss the theme of water and plastic pollution. This year’s program tells how indispensable water is for life on Earth and deepens its natural cycle, creating awareness of why, despite being a renewable resource, today it is increasingly precious. He then photographs the state of health of seas, oceans, rivers and lakes, increasingly at risk due to plastic pollution, and suggests the good practices that each of us can adopt every day for a responsible use of water. . Finally, it proposes a focus on those who, like Regina and the Sofidel Group, produce paper by committing themselves to wisely manage the water resource and to reduce the use of conventional plastic in the packaging of their products.

To participate, teachers can download the educational kit with interactive games, educational cards and digital quizzes from the dedicated website www.micurodite.it to present the theme of water to the class and organize practical activities. At the end of the course, students will give the green light to their creativity to create an elaborate and participate in the contest with many prizes up for grabs. In addition to a supply of Regina products and access to the OnePlanetSchool training portal (the WWF Italia platform for learning, knowledge and active conservation of nature), the schools on the podium will receive shopping vouchers for the purchase of teaching materials of 1,000, 600 and 400 euros. The winners will be announced on www.micurodite.it by 12 May 2023. To accumulate the points, the help of families and friends is also valid, who will in turn be able to register for the program and participate in quizzes and surveys available on the portal .