25 April, La Russa: “Anti-fascism not in the Constitution”. It’s controversy

According to the president of the Senate, the “moderate parties did not want to give this gift to the PCI and the USSR”. Oppositions attack: “Embarrassing and inadequate”, “He talks nonsense”, “Raves”. Schlein: “Anti-fascism is our Constitution”

“There is no reference to anti-fascism in the Constitution. I simply believe that this happened under the pressure of the moderate parties who did not want to give this gift to the PCI and the USSR”. To say it, arousing protests from the oppositions – Pd in ​​the front row – is the president of the Senate, Ignatius LaRussa, this morning in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’. The sentence of the second state office comes after the controversies that accompanied the vote in Palazzo Madama on the motions for April 25th.

The reaction of the minority was very harsh. “I heard the words of La Russa, you said that anti-fascism is not in the Constitution. But anti-fascism is our Constitution”, he explains Elly Schlein, today in Riano for the secretariat of the Democratic Party. “La Russa: ‘Anti-fascism is not in the Constitution.’ the deputy dem Alexander Zan, member of the national secretariat of the Democratic Party with responsibility for Rights. “The umpteenth words of Ignazio La Russa that rewrite history and the roots of the Constitution require a definitive clarification by the premier and leader of FdI. La Russa can no longer be the president of the Senate”. Thus in a tweet, the deputy dem Ilenia Malavasi. “President La Russa – he then writes on Twitter Simon Malpezzi, Senator of the Democratic Party – there is a reference to anti-fascism in the Constitution and it is very clear. Stefano Ceccanti explains it well today, but just read the XII final provision which ‘forbids the reorganisation, in any form, of the dissolved fascist party'”.

“Our Constitution was written by the forces that opposed fascism. It is anti-fascist not so much and not only because of the XII transitional and final provision, which forbids ‘the reconstruction of the dissolved fascist party in any form’. How much because every single article of the Constitution, especially in the part where the fundamental principles on which the Republic is based are declared, is clearly written in antithesis with the theories and practices of fascism”, underlines the president of the senators of the Democratic Party Francesco Boccia, who continues: “The constituents came out of twenty years of dictatorship and 5 years of war and the horrors caused by that regime. Many had joined the Resistance and known confinement and prison. The words of the Duce and the Nazi and Fascist roundups they were still alive.” “The text they wrote is a response to everything that had been said and practiced in the previous twenty years. This is why I say today and I said yesterday, in the courtroom, that our Constitution is openly and by its nature anti-fascist. This is why we voted against the motion of the majority which clearly bypassed the reference to our anti-fascist roots. Denying them – he says – is a mistake and an offense to the memory of those who fought to free our country”.

“The freedom and dignity of the person, the freedom of expression and speech, the right to health and education, the freedom of political association and trade unions, popular sovereignty to be exercised according to the forms provided for by the Constitution: all values ​​denied from fascism are the foundation of the Constitution. The president of the Senate La Russa is unaware that if he holds that office and is free to say all the nonsense he wants, regardless of the disgrace he brings to his office, he owes it to the Constitution. Without liberation there is no the Republic would never have been born and without the Republic Italy would still have the Albertine Statute”. These are the words of Osvaldo Naplesmember of the national Action secretariat.

“The President of the Senate says that there is no anti-fascism in the Constitution. It’s just that he didn’t look closely”, he jokes Ivan ScalfarottoSenator of Action-Italia Viva.

“Another episode of the sitcom ‘Il camerata La Russa’. He looks like Galeazzo Musolesi of the Sturmtruppen, but he is unworthily the president of the Senate. I hope that on April 25 he will announce his resignation. Today we discover that there is no anti-fascism in the Constitution” , attacks the secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoiannideputy of the Left Green Alliance, who continues: “With a daring contempt of ridicule – adds the leader Si – he shatters the credibility of our institutions, demonstrates once again his historical ignorance and his contempt for the institutions of our Repubblica. Do you continue to announce that on April 25 you will do something that everyone will agree on?

“La Russa is raving and instead of complaining about being forced (by himself) to point out continuously, he should deny what he said if he wants to have the respect of the country and of Parliament. The Constitution is anti-fascist because so are those principles which sanction rights, democracy, freedom and participation that mark the foundations of the Republic, principles of which La Russa himself would like to encourage a ‘single reading’. The reading is unique and is anti-fascist, La Russa make us peace”, then declares the secretary of Più Europa, Riccardo Magi.

“Ignazio La Russa, the shame of the institutions, who does not know the XII provision of the Constitution. The fascists in government: Humiliation of students as a teaching method, Ethnic replacement. Will Giorgia Meloni defend her associates today too?”, the tweet attacks national co-spokesman of Green Europe and deputy of Verdi and Sinistra Angelo Bonelli.