25 April, La Russa: “Stunned by the distortion of the truth”

The president of the Senate: “I am evaluating any appropriate action to protect my integrity”

“I am appalled by the distortion of the truth about my words exchanged at the Senate bouvette with two journalists from Ansa and Agi who were approached by a journalist from Repubblica. My words were immediately faithfully reported by the two agencies (which I enclose) which , referring to the non-unitary vote just concluded in the Chamber on the centre-right motion, were verbatim as follows: ‘the word anti-fascism is not in the Constitution’, thus proving Senator Lucio Malan right. are expressed positively in the first part of the Constitution. It is therefore not I who has to correct anything, but those who do not know how to read the agencies or want to argue and offend at all costs. I am collecting the blatantly false and offensive statements and comments, different from the legitimate dissent, to evaluate any appropriate action to protect my integrity”. Thus the president of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa.

On 25 April La Russa, after having paid homage at the Altare della Patria, accompanying the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, with the other high offices of the state, will be in Prague, where at 12.15 he will speak at the meeting of the presidents of the parliaments of the Union European. In the afternoon she will lay a wreath at the Jan Palach Monument, then visit the Theresienstadt concentration camp.