25 April, Monarchist Union: “Feast established by Umberto II”

“Without the officers of the Royal Army, the Resistance would not have taken place”

“Everyone took possession of the feast of April 25, to the point of making it seem like a thing of the Republic. Few know that instead we owe it to Umberto di Savoia, the future King Umberto II, who established it with a lieutenant decree on April 22, 1946” . This was recalled, on the eve of the Liberation Day, by the president of the Italian Monarchical Union (UMI), Alessandro Sacchi, who speaking with Adnkronos hopes that April 25 “will become everyone’s holiday, because national holidays must unite, but when someone takes possession of them, they become divisive.”

Sacchi points the finger at “an excessive ideologization of April 25, on both sides” and underlines that “the Resistance was a phenomenon that had no color”, but above all “without the officers of the royal army, who knew how to handle weapons, would have been very marginal”.

As the Italian Monarchical Union “we celebrate the liberation of Italy from the Nazi-fascist yoke”, without however participating in the processions, where “the ANPI has never invited us”. And then – adds the president – “I would like to know how many partisans there are in the PNA, since they are all dead, it’s just a label”. Moreover “there were also militant royalist partisans, people who liberated Italy shouting ‘long live the king’, because the monarchy was a unifying thing”.

Same message that Umi sends today: “We celebrate April 25, but let’s overcome the divisions”, which are now like those between “Garibaldini and Bourbons, Guelphs and Ghibellines, Orazis and Curiazis. It’s been 80 years and three generations now, we celebrate the liberation of Italy from the foreign occupier, who had associates in Italy. Let’s save the good faith of those who fought on the other side and look forward. This is the appeal I address to the political forces: let’s share a unifying and not divisive path” .

For Sacchi, even “talking about anti-fascism in 2023 is something that makes those with a minimum of historical knowledge smile. Fascists, like partisans, no longer exist. They are events that can be placed in an outdated space-time and then – he wonders – why maintain this tension, almost a civil war between fascists and anti-fascists?”

In view of the next 25 April, if there is a joint demonstration, “I – says the president of the UMI – will be honored to receive an invitation and also to go and talk, above all about the role of officers in the royal army, without whom the Resistance would not have taken place”.