26% of consumers update their tech devices every 6 months

The research promoted by OnePlus. 40% of respondents admit to keeping 2 to 3 unused phones at home

Research conducted by global tech brand OnePlus has revealed that almost half of Italians are a “serial upgrader”, be it technology, clothes or accessories. The survey, conducted on 1,000 people, found that 23% of Italians renew their wardrobe every 4-6 months. Not only that: every 6 months 26% of those interviewed buy new tech devices, with smartphones among the first devices to be upgraded. According to data, only 24% of Italians make purchases for pleasure alone: ​​on the contrary, the reasons that lead a person to change phones mainly depend on the deterioration of battery performance (34% of respondents) and the speed of the device (15% ). On average, 30% of respondents notice a drop in battery performance after the first 12 months of use, meaning they may need to switch phones up to 40 times in their lifetime.

The research promoted by OnePlus has brought out other interesting data: for example, 40% of those interviewed admit that they keep 2 to 3 unused phones at home. For 62% of those interviewed, however, reducing carbon dioxide emissions is an aspect of primary importance and, when it comes to carbon footprint, one of the simplest ways to reduce one’s impact on the planet is precisely to conserve one’s technology As long as possible. Indeed, according to the European Environmental Bureau, if everyone in Europe used their mobile phone for just one more year, by 2030 a quantity of carbon could be saved equal to that which would be obtained by taking 2 million cars off the road, reducing emissions of 4 million tons per year.

“Demand for new products is always high, but it is more important than ever to make sure that modern technologies, including our smartphones, can stand the test of time,” said Celina Shi, Chief Marketing Officer, Europe at OnePlus. “There are two things to consider when buying a smartphone: battery life and software updates. The new OnePlus 11 is built to last, with a battery that can withstand up to 4 years of daily use and guaranteed 4-year software updates that will keep your phone running fast and smooth for years to come.”