264 to 99 kg, big shock to Lives on the Limit: watch it today, it gives you the creeps

Big shock to Vite al Limite, he lost a lot of kilos: he managed to get a great weight, look at it today, creepy.

Among the many TV programs that usually alternate between our channels, Lives on the edge it is among the most followed. On the air since 2012, the Real Time docu-reality has a habit of telling the stories of severely obese people with the desire to get back in shape. In the vast majority of cases, in fact, the pounds are so much that they affect the life of the individual, making him live a real nightmare.

Transformation of Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

During these ten editions of Vite al Limite, the public has met many patients. There are those who have chosen to take part completely on their own. Or who, on the other hand, wanted to start this path of rebirth together with a trusted person. Just recently, for example, we told you about the story of Lee and Rena, a couple weighing over 600 kg. With our article today, however, we want to tell you the story of Benji and David Bolton. The two brothers participated in Vite al Limite in the sixth season of the program, impressing everyone with their transformation. In particular, the one who most caught the attention is Benji, who arrived at the clinic with 264 kg and left with less than 100. In short, a big shock, but look at it today: creepy!

Big Shock at Lives at the Limit: creepy transformation, here it is today

At the time of his participation in Lives on the Limit, young Benji Bolton had an exact weight of 264 kg. According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that the young Texan’s obsession with food began at a very young age when, together with his brother, he ate everything that came in front of him. It can be clearly understood, therefore, that such an attitude is not at all good for the good Bolton, who at the age of 32 alone was in danger of touching 300 kg.

Thanks to his path in the Houston clinic and the diet prescribed to both brothers by Dr. Nowzaradan, both Benji and his brother David were able to lose weight a lot. Just think, the thirty-two-year-old even managed to get the hand of the scales down below 100 kg. In short, a truly impressive change! But what is it like today? Perhaps many will not believe it, but it seems that Benji has lost weight further. On Facebook – although it is not active at all – we were able to track down a shot from last March. And, we assure you, the weight of his shape is to be envied! Take a look here:

screw to the limit big shock
Benji Lives to the Limit. Credits: Facebook

In short, there is really nothing to say: Benji has really lost weight a lot thanks to Vite al Limite. And we just have to pay our sincere compliments.