2nd Roof, here is the first official album: Roof Top Mixtape Vol. 1

A journey not only around the world, but also through time. Because the sound epochs they evoke in their debut album are different Roof Top Mixtape Vol. 1. Federico and Pietro, that is 2nd Roof, are the architects of a tour around the world that leads to the discovery of heterogeneous sounds, artists and grooves, a manifesto of the richness that the producer couple creates. You just have to rely on them and share the company of 25 featuring that enrich the mixtape, which includes, for the Italian scene, Jake La Furia, Nitro, Speranza, Emis Killa, Pyrex, Dani Faiv, Ketama126, J-Ax, Gemitaiz, Beri, Kilimoney, Toni Effe, Neves17, Philip, Nicola Siciliano , Wayne Santana, Boro Boro, Vettosi, Gué Pequeno, J Lord and Nashley. Among the international artists, however, Nastasia, Arlissa, Kelvyn Colt and Salva.

When did you start thinking about the project?

It’s a job that took about two years to bring it all together. Now that the mixtape comes out we feel a little relieved.
You have well-defined characteristics and yet you always manage to invent different things: where is the balance?

There isn’t and that’s why we always do what we like, we’ve never followed trends. What we created we already felt as ours, our strength is versatility. Once they told us throw yourself into Pop and we never did it if not following our vision. An example is Give me up by Guè Pequeno.
Among the four international artists you involved, is there one that surprised you beyond expectations?

Nastasia also because we had already done a piece with her and Salmo, Heaven in the room, and we didn’t believe it could make such a strong contribution. And instead it did.
Open the mixtape with Berlusconi: do you fear it could become the anthem for his race for the Presidency of the Republic?

Stop it! We hope not. If it were to become clear it was not our aim. But it would make us laugh.
Money in Black it is a very hard song, a song that takes you back to the roots of rap: is it difficult today to tell about life? On the other hand, the street is a recurring theme of your pieces.

We make bases that bring out the darker side, slightly dark things that bring back to the raw imagery of the street. But we are not on the street, we are from Brera, zone 1 of Milan.
These last two years have made us rediscover true values ​​or we remain a world of Lost?

These quarantines have brought out the more introspective side of humanity, just look at the latest Marracash album. They helped us reflect but there are also those who brought out the worst as soon as they gave us back some freedom. In a way it has helped by bringing more contact with one’s self. On the other hand, we always do it, we live in the studio.
San Siro area Is it the hope of going back to dancing? How did you think about the very 90s influences?

We wanted to dance like in that decade. It was an automatic thing, the straight kick genre reconnects us to our dance soul when we were children, when we listened to hitmania dance cassettes. We want to make San Siro dance.
Why did you choose to pay homage to Mike Tyson? What fascinates you about such a discussed and tormented champion?

Just that, which is discussed and tormented. It’s a bit like Maradona, genius is recklessness, the grown-ups have always had a more murky side. The idea comes from the refrain, we liked playing with his imagination: think of someone who knocked the opponent down in less than a minute, then bit his ears and partyed to the limit.
Gangster is a sliding door: when was yours?

Certainly with the first Gué album we worked on. We thought we were doing filler pieces, that it was an isolated case, we didn’t expect it to go very well. So we said to ourselves that maybe we can do it with others too. We always try to stay afloat and do ours.
In 1 Chance And Infamous Naples is the protagonist: why did you choose that city to beatify the Golden Age of Rap?

It brings a lot back to the basis of the genre, telling the Neapolitan neighborhoods brings back to the golden age of New York. On a musical level, it is the scene that comes closest to that world.
These streets it’s a nostalgic poem: with the time machine at your disposal where would you like to go back?

Not in elementary school with a teacher who was a monster, a Brigadier. Maybe in Los Angeles in the nineties or in Milan in the eighties where they tell us we had a lot of fun.
With Dua Lipa (they collaborated on a song for the soudtrack of the film Gully, ed) have you had any contact?
Not direct but through the director, we will send new stuff, we have already sent some … hopefully.
Is there any intention of bringing the mixtape live? And how did you view the sound heterogeneity and the guests? Are you thinking of a windy evening with almost everyone? For more on the press kit there is a to be continued …

Now it’s a little hard to think about. We made a video with all the characters and in case we would like to do an animated tour like Gorillaz. Or an Arena in Verona with all or most of the guests… we will get there.
What gift are you expecting for Christmas? Will you make one to the fans, he wondered surprising them with an unplugged version of a song?

We are thinking of something instrumental, but it is still a secret. For us … like the record, to have a good feed back. We do not care that it becomes gold but that the listener likes it!