3 keys to Rosalía’s beauty routine that you cannot miss

rosalia She is one of the most famous Spanish singers in the world, especially in Latin America, where with her reversed flamenco style songs she has managed to reach the hearts of all. Now, Rosalía always looks splendid, and the time has come to know her tricks, how does she look like that all the time? Here are the keys to how she achieves it.

rosalia has a routine beauty that she follows to the letter every day and then shows her results on Instagram. The artist now decided to share it with her followers, especially how she achieves natural-finish makeup. She made some things clear beforehand, she hardly uses brushes, she loves to do her makeup with her fingers because she says it blends better that way. make-up and that luckily her long nails that are never lacking in her hands, are not an impediment at all.

It was in a note on the La Vanguardia portal that rosalia He told his step by step to do a summer makeup. What makes it special for this season is that it stands out for being fresh and in pink tones. For Rosalía, the key to good makeup is skin care, in which a good cleaning and hydration intervenes.

The routine from rosalia it starts with a cleansing milk that is applied all over the face and then carefully removed with a damp towel. The second step is to take a Jade roller and spread an oil all over the skin. It also accompanies a key trick: take vitamins every day mixed with grapefruit juice.

In addition, another of the things that he emphasized rosalia is the importance of taking care of the skin from the sun, it is necessary to apply sunscreen every day, including winter days. She not only applies it to her face but also brings it up to her neck and into her hands.