‘343 days in hell’, the Piattelli kidnapping to ‘Racconti Criminali’

Tomorrow premiered on RaiPlay

It was January 10, 1980 when, in Rome, Barbara Piattelli was kidnapped by a band of kidnappers linked to the ‘Ndrangheta. She is only 27 years old and hers will become one of the longest extortionist kidnappings a woman has been the victim of. For the first time, after more than 40 years from an era-defining kidnapping, Piattelli, daughter of a well-known Roman designer, retraces that tragic story for ‘Racconti Criminali’ and relives the very hard days of her imprisonment in Aspromonte. “This story has stolen a year of my life that no one gives me back”, says Barbara Piattelli. “343 days in hell”, in exclusive first viewing on RaiPlay from 25 November, continues the narration of one of the darkest pages of our country, the one linked to kidnappings. A black news page, which in this case did not have justice: no condemnation for the kidnappers never identified and of which, in this story, only an unprecedented voice remains, that of one of the bandits, “Saturn”, who dictates the merciless conditions for release.

Written and conceived by Vania Colasanti, with the collaboration of Vincenzo Faccioli Pintozzi, the story proposes not only the touching and unpublished original recordings of the phone calls between the bandit and the family, but also the evocative vintage images, taken from the Teche Rai archive. Exciting statements from Barbara’s father, Bruno Piattelli: the well-known designer of men’s high fashion, shortly before his death, last August, in a providential way, revealed unpublished details on the negotiation for the release of his daughter, who he followed in first person. Also important are the testimonies of the magistrate Nicola Gratteri, prosecutor of the Republic of Catanzaro who traces the dark season of kidnappings linked to the ‘Ndrangheta, and of Michele Giuttari, who before managing the Florence Mobile Squad, was head of the Mobile Squad of Cosenza.

Finally, the interview with Carlo Verdone who, in addition to being a long-time customer of the family tailor’s shop, was waiting for Barbara in the audience on the evening of the kidnapping, for the premiere of one of his theatrical performances. “343 days in hell”, for the directed by Letizia Rossi and executive production by Anna Rita De Camillis, it is part of “Racconti Criminali” an original production by RaiPlay, focused on the story linked to the sad season of kidnappings with a background of extortion, which took place in Italy between the 70s and the 80s. The next appointment with “Racconti Criminali” will be in December, with the kidnapping of the Casana brothers.