4 Hotels, the winner in Calabria is Palazzo Mottola. The interview

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Crystal clear waters and white beaches welcome 4 hotels (THE SPECIAL)for the first time in Calabriaand more precisely in the Coast of the Gods. The name is not accidental: due to its incredible scenic beauty it was considered the home of the gods in ancient times. To win the challenge was Antonella with his Mottola Palace, a bed and breakfast in the historic center of Tropea. Antonella who is a lawyer by profession, she lives between Rome and Tropea, where five years ago she decided to renovate the family building and use it as an accommodation facility with seven rooms with highly sought-after furnishings.

For Antonella the structure is her second child and for her the customers “are all friends who come home”. When you travel the first thing you look for is the aesthetic sense and you expect there to be a coherence and harmony of the project. Palazzo Mottola overlooks the sea of ​​Tropea and offers guests a unique location. It is an elegant historic building that combines period furnishings and design elements.
Here’s what the winner told us about her incredible experience.

Did you already know 4 hotels?

Yes, I have seen the show several times, thinking about the excitement and anxiety I would have had if I ever attended.

The sea view room assigned to Bruno Barbieri was much appreciated, nevertheless there was no lack of criticism. What can improve today?

I immediately proceeded, as we usually always do, to add pens, letterhead, card with wi-fi password, set with cremine (eye contour, lip stick, sunscreen, hand cream) in the room, and also the tablet and list pillows. The emotion made us forget all the equipped rooms. I’m still having trouble finding glass water bottles that fit into the bar cabinet, as well as boosting the wi-fi in the bathroom.

The hoteliers in the competition judged not only the location but also the services offered by its structure. Of all Mario was the one who complained the most for not having “felt any emotion”. What’s the idea of ​​him?
I believe that Mario did not really feel and appreciate the atmosphere of Palazzo Mottola. In fact, I was really surprised that he gave 8 to the location. As for Maria and Genoveva, on the other hand, I think it was pure strategy.

Even at breakfast they accused her of serving orange juice, passing it off as juice. Pure controversy or truth?
In the kitchen there were oranges and the dirty citrus squeezer. The fury on this point, at the confrontation table, was certainly a sterile controversy on the part of those who could not find other criticisms to make me.

Was there a time when you thought you were winning?
I thought I was going to win when, while I was waiting for the car, I saw the crew increase and the production manager arrive.

Which offer of the three hoteliers has inspired you the most?

I really liked Porto Pirgos for its atmosphere, architecture and common areas. It seems to have a very low average cost, therefore attractive.

What is the philosophy of Palazzo Mottola?
The philosophy of Palazzo Mottola is to offer not a stay, but an experience, an emotion feeling at home, that is, in a strongly characterized environment rich in lived elements, which tell the story of a family.

At the table of the final confrontation both you and Massimo had a heated discussion with Maria. What happened?
At the table of comparison I believe that Maria suffered from an excess of emotion accumulated in the previous days. Even before the votes, she was holding back her tears. I think it was the frustration of being last.

In the partial ranking you were in second place: what was your winning card?
I think my winning cards were two: Palazzo Mottola and my fairness, not being willing to be unfair in order to win.

What do you bring home from this experience?

I bring home EVERYTHING from this experience, especially the enormous emotion it was.