4 November, the Senate gives the green light to the law to restore the party

It’s National Unity and Armed Forces Day

The Hall of Senate has given the go-ahead to the bill on the restoration of the national holiday of November 4, as the day of national unity of armed forms. 102 to vote in favour, none against and 28 abstentions. The initiative text by Forza Italia Senator Maurizio Gasparri is divided into 4 articles. The first provides that “The Republic recognizes the Day of National Unity and the Armed Forces. Starting from 2023, the celebration of the Day of National Unity and the Armed Forces takes place again on November 4 of each year”.

“I am happy that there was no vote against, as in yesterday’s vote, that this serves to remind all the soldiers of the First World War, who, as Ungaretti said, in his words, ‘It’s like autumn on the trees the leaves’,” he said Ignatius LaRussa.

“November 4th is the true founding date of our country, we need to restore dignity to this day because it is a date different from any other date. The Great War was the fourth war of our Risorgimento, the one that really made Italy, the Italy of the Piave and the Isonzo and of the battles in which our nation was forged with the blood of our soldiers. I would like Italy to love itself more today and be more proud of itself, of its heroism and its history and for this reason I express the convinced vote of my group in favor of this bill”. So in the classroom the Senator of Brothers of Italy Roberto Menia.

Then he added: “April 25, which celebrates the values ​​of freedom and democracy, in which we all find ourselves in this parliament, still recalls a civil war between Italians”.