4 Restaurants are back, Borghese chefs on the hunt for the best eco-green cuisine

The iconic van with tinted windows is ready to get back on the journey to discover new and unmissable trends in Italian catering, but above all to take Chef Borghese around from North to South to referee the new challenges of “Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” (LO SPECIAL), the show – original Sky production made by Banijay Italia – which starts again from Sunday 5 December, for six weeks, on Sky and NOW.

Four restaurateurs with something in common, each eager to prove that they are the best, competing to obtain the coveted, beloved and unmistakable “ten” of chef Borghese. A mechanism as simple as it is hypnotic that by challenging four restaurateurs has become a fixed appointment for the public, a real cult of Italian television that has created a habit and transformed simple restaurateurs into determined and fierce competitors of a challenge without exclusion. of shots, with the indispensable report card to be drawn up at the end of the meal.

The mechanism of “Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” will remain unchanged even in the challenges of this new cycle of episodes, starting from December 5th every Sunday in prime time on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW.

Four restaurateurs from the same area to which they belong compete to determine who among them is the best in a certain category; each restaurateur invites the other three who, accompanied by the chef Borghese, comment and vote with a score from 0 to 10 location, menu, service, account of the restaurant that hosts them and the Special category, which changes from episode to episode: all four the challengers, in fact, will have to compete on the same plate, the protagonist of that episode, so as to make the competition between them ever more direct and intense, with no holds barred.

Up for grabs for the winner of each episode, the coveted title of best restaurant and an economic contribution to invest in your business.

In this new journey along the Peninsula, Chef Borghese will visit some of the most fascinating and characteristic places in Italy: Valpolicella in the province of Verona, the island of Pantelleria, Siena, Asti, Barbagia (in central Sardinia, on the flanks of the of Gennargentu).

During the first episode, we start from Trentino to elect the best eco-green cuisine restaurant: in one of the greenest places in Italy, in fact, in many cases even the restaurant has decided to go green, with restaurateurs offering customers quality experiences respecting the environment. A fascinating but also delicate key, for a mission that is to bring to the table tasty dishes capable of telling the story of one’s territory well, while keeping high attention to the protection of the surrounding environment. Contending for the title are: Giada with La Casina, Alessandra with Berry House, Alice with La Cantinetta and Alessio with Pineta Caldonazzo. For them, the special category will be char.

As per tradition, each meal will be preceded by the chef Borghese’s scrupulous inspection of the restaurant’s kitchen. Everything is observed in the smallest details, for an analysis that continues during the meal, focusing on the dining room staff, put to the test on hospitality, table service, description of the dish and wine. Only at the end do we discover the judgment of chef Borghese, who with his votes can confirm or overturn the entire ranking.

All the restaurants participating in the program are identifiable through a 4 RESTAURANT “stamp” displayed outside, a network of places tested by those who know it: the restaurateurs themselves.


The Casina: immersed in the Drena wood (Trento), it has three rooms, one large and two smaller, warm and welcoming. Chef Giada, 30, is very well prepared and very eco-friendly, she defines herself as “Lady Chef” because she believes in “girl power” with a totally female staff. At the same time, she thinks she is a woman of other times, faithful to the tradition and history of her land. His restaurant is eco-green starting from the nineteenth century structure, all in stone with large and thick walls that naturally retain heat, reducing consumption: it is a location completely immersed in the green of the woods. His cuisine is local, seasonal, made up of the dishes his mother cooked. The raw materials are strictly km0 and come from the family farm. Giada prefers steam cooking, sun drying and reuse. It uses solar panels to heat the water, has a pellet stove and a fully electric stove, a kitchen where plastic is practically banned. In short, for Giada, eco-catering is a very serious question!

Berry House: is a well-kept farmhouse in a shabby chic style located in the hamlet of Vigolo Vattaro, in the municipality of Altopiano della Vigolana (Trento). Surrounded by the woods, it has a room that is not too large but very well cared for, with two main elements: the warmth of the wood and the refinement of the fabrics for both the tablecloths and the lining of the chairs. Alessandra, 51, is the “brunette” partly because of her look, partly because with the small fruits she grows in the family business she can work miracles and create almost magical dishes. She is a chef with an eco-green idea that combines tradition with modernity, that is, she uses the spontaneous ingredients that she personally collects in nature such as herbs, resins, birch sap and fir needles, and transforms them with modern techniques such as foams, airs, dehydrated gels and powders: a little as if they were potions to bring out the flavors of the Trentino tradition. Its mission is to make people understand that experimenting and aiming high does not lead to a departure from the concept of agritourism. He doesn’t like criticism and everything he does is planned, kept under his strict control.

The Cantinetta: a family restaurant with a vaulted ceiling, wooden tables and red and white tablecloths, is located in Varena, in the Fiemme Valley (Trento). Corks hang from the ceiling, modern and colorful paintings on the walls. Alice, 33, is fun and irresistible in her being shy and spontaneous, her eco-green idea has its roots in the past and refers to the simple habits of the past. Her restaurant has always been eco-green: in fact, in a natural way she and her family have always chosen local raw materials, practiced the reuse of ingredients such as stale bread for dumplings and strangolapreti and used the whole cow without wasting nothing! Now they are studying new techniques to keep up with the times and have therefore bought the dryer and started cooking at a low temperature and with the vacuum seal. An innate vocation to safeguard the environment to which he continually adds devices such as biological fabrics for tablecloths, the use of the heat of the pizza oven to make braised meat or the abandonment, where possible, of long cooking.

Caldonazzo pine forest: a kind of modern “stube” in the greenery of Caldonazzo (Trento), with a corner bar, great passion of Alessio (31), who defines himself as the attraction of his restaurant: “Customers come for me, they look for me” , He says. His idea of ​​catering is aimed at the future: his is, in fact, a modern, completely eco-sustainable restaurant, all in wood, plastic-free, with geothermal system, solar panels and induction. The room is surrounded by large windows so as to exploit the sunlight as much as possible and consume the bare essentials. A location designed to be perfectly eco-green. Alessio offers Trentino cuisine but revisited: alongside the tagliatelle with mushrooms you can find alpine sushi with lake fish. As a modern innkeeper he loves contacting customers and sitting with them after dinner.

This episode of “Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” made use of the collaboration of Trentino Marketing, Trentino Film Commission, Apt Alpe Cimbra – Folgaria Lavarone Lusérn Vigolana -, Val di Fiemme Tourist Board and Valsugana Tourist Board.

The program was created in full compliance with the safety of the participants and with the regulations relating to the containment measures of the infection by the Sars-Cov2 Virus as per the DPCM in force during the registrations.

Sky Brand Solutions, Sky Media department, together with Banijay Italia brought on board the new episodes of “Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” Consorzio dell’Asti and Moscato d’Asti Docg, Generali Italia, Peugeot Italia, RCH – cash registers .

“Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” is an original Sky production made by Banijay Italia.

Written by Alessandro Borghese, Nicola Lo Russo, Nicola Lorenzi and Glenda Manzi. Directed by Gianni Monfredini.

ALESSANDRO BORGHESE 4 RISTORANTI is on air from 5 December every Sunday in prime time on Sky Uno (channel 108, digital terrestrial channel 455), always available on demand, visible on Sky Go, on smartphones, tablets and PCs, even when traveling in countries of the European Union, and streaming on NOW.

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