4 Restaurants, chef Borghese in Rome to elect the best restaurant in Pigneto

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Rome is the location of the new episode of Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants (THE SPECIAL), which lands in the capital for a challenge immersed in the purest Roman tradition. The Sky Original show created by Banijay Italia thus arrives in the city that has the highest concentration of historical and architectural heritage in the world, in the metropolis that everyone should visit at least once in their life to appreciate the history, nature and art hide in every corner of the city.

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Rome is also an incredible mix of neighborhoods, each of which has an identity and characteristics that make it unique: one of these is the Pignetoamong the most authentic in the city, and it is here that Chef Alessandro Borghese will park his van to enter the typical places in the competition and elect the best restaurant in the neighborhood. It is a sort of urban island within the city, born as a poor village and today one of the main meeting points of the Roman nightlife, a perfect combination of the typically Roman spirit and fervent modernity. Pigneto is an area far from Rome in the historic center, a sort of “Roman Brooklyn”, so much so that the New York Times he defined it as an area dotted with “open air bars” and classy restaurants besieged by young artists. And it is precisely in these restaurants that the inevitable Italian and Roman gastronomic tradition joins the multicultural aspect of the neighborhood, thus composing an unusual and surprising menu, a mix of fusion and Roman spirit. In the episode of Sunday 5 February in prime time on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW, always available on demand and visible on Sky Gothe 4 restaurants in the race are “Give wig” Luca’s, “Sea Santeria” of Joy, “Uncomfortable Food & Music” by Romina and “Bosco – Truffle workshops” by Guido: they will challenge each other for the title of best restaurant in Pigneto.

After the Capital, Chef Borghese’s journey will reach Milan, for the last appointment of this cycle of episodes. All restaurants participating in the program are identifiable through a “sticker” 4 RESTAURANTS exposed outside, a network of venues tested by those in the know: the restaurateurs themselves.


Give wig”, whose owner Luca, although not born in the area, fell in love with Pigneto in 1997 when he started working in a graphic studio – which was located there – where he was an illustrator and cartoonist. “Dar Parucca”, for Luca, is the realization of a dream: he inaugurated it 8 years ago, taking over an existing one, with the intention of having a unique place and he opened it in an area that initially proved difficult but he held on, always believing in his own project. The idea was to open a Roman trattoria and tavern offering classic recipes but choosing and researching organic and quality ingredients. The culinary offer of this restaurant is vast and spans the entire tradition, from the classic first courses to the authentic second courses. The restaurant is located in the heart of Pigneto, not on the pedestrian area but about 300 meters away. “Dar Parucca” comes from Luca’s nickname, which is really “Er Parucca” because at carnival he wore his mother’s wig, because he too had long hair when he was young and finally because he “wigged” stadium tickets.

Sea Santeria” di Gioia, owner and restaurant manager of this place that opened 5 years ago. In love with Pigneto, Gioia always tries to lend a hand and collaborate to make this neighborhood better and better: «Thanks to its melting pot, when you are here you feel like a citizen of the world“, He says. Before embarking on the restaurant business, Gioia was an artist, she decorated interiors and was also an interior decorator. “La Santeria di Mare” is above all a bistro, with a purely fish-based cuisine also linked to the concept of travel with oriental-influenced dishes; it is created in the image and likeness of Gioia, a refined but informal environment that fully represents her character.

Uncomfortable Food & Music” of Romina, “Roman from Rome”. The peculiarity of this place is that the entrance is really a few centimeters from the tram tracks: «It’s not very comfortable, that’s why we called it “Uncomfortable”“, He says. Opened about 7 years ago, Romina has thus fulfilled her dream: to open a place to be furnished according to her taste, which was bare but cared for by her in all the details, including some almost trashy elements. It is a restaurant and cocktail bar in a somewhat industrial location that offers live music and DJ sets every week. The kitchen is simple with some small revisions.

Bosco – Truffle workshops” by Guido, owner and chef of this place adjacent to the pedestrian area. Guido decided to embark on this adventure in 2018 after several experiences abroad. According to him, it is a“street kitchen”, a street food disguised as a restaurant», with an industrial decor. The cuisine recalls Guido’s Abruzzo origins thanks to which he can also revisit traditional Roman dishes (the carbonara, for example, is prepared with Abruzzo ingredients, while the amatriciana is revisited with truffles). “Bosco – Officine del Tartufo” is very attentive to environmental sustainability so much as to have a totally eco-sustainable and biodegradable mise-en-place, at the same time refined and elegant. Very attached to the Pigneto district, he thinks he can win above all thanks to his uniqueness.

The program was created with full respect for the safety of the participants and the regulations relating to the measures to contain the contagion from Virus Sars – Cov2 as per DPCM in force during the registrations.

Sky Brand SolutionsSky Media department, together with Banijay Italia has brought on board the new episodes of “Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” Generali Italia, RCH – cash registers, Consorzio dell’Asti and Moscato d’Asti Docg.

“Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” is an original Sky production created by Banijay Italia.

Written by Alessandro Borghese, Nicola Lorenzi and Marco Tangerini. The direction is by Gianni Monfredini.