4 Restaurants, chef Borghese is looking for the best restaurant in the Asti area

This week Chef Borghese (ALL ON 4 RESTAURANTS) is around among the jugs, the hills of Asti, to discover the peculiarities and typical dishes of the area, a territory that is so rich in vines of famous wines and sparkling wines, ancient recipes and so much beauty that it is considered a World Heritage Site. In this area the culture of drinking and eating is profound, so much so that it has given rise to some dishes that are real masterpieces of one of the most important cuisines in Italy, the Piedmontese one: above all, the agnolotti del plin, the bagna cauda , the financier and the hazelnut cake, among the timeless symbols of Piedmont. These dishes originated and are still present today in the kitchens of restaurants, farmhouses and taverns that arise on the bricchi but also in the surrounding villages, which are often the starting point for a trip among these landscape and environmental treasures.

And it will be the agnolotti del plin, perhaps the main dish of local cuisine, the object of the Special category on which the four competing restaurateurs will be called to vote – with a score from 0 to 10 – together with location, menu, service, account of the restaurant that hosts them, according to the mechanism underlying the challenge that has become not only a fixed appointment for the public, a real cult of Italian television, but also a habit, with the traditional report card to be drawn up at the end of the meal .

Up for grabs for the winner of the episode, the coveted title of best restaurant and an economic contribution to invest in your business.

In the episode of Sunday 12 December at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW, there will be a tavern, a wine shop, a farmhouse and a restaurant to challenge each other: Fabio con La Signora in Rosso, Daniela with Premiata Osteria dei Fiori, Gregorio with Agriturismo Le Tère Rüse and Manuela with Enoteca Gastronomica Civico 15.

As per tradition, each meal will be preceded by the chef Borghese’s scrupulous inspection of the restaurant’s kitchen. Everything is observed down to the smallest detail, for an analysis that then continues even during the meal, focusing on the dining room staff, put to the test on hospitality, table service, description of the dish and wine. Only at the end do we discover the judgment of chef Borghese, who with his votes can confirm or overturn the entire ranking.

All the restaurants participating in the program can be identified by means of a 4 RESTAURANT “stamp” displayed outside, a network of places tested by those who know it: the restaurateurs themselves.


La Signora in Rosso: the restaurant is located in Nizza Monferrato, defined as “the base camp to reach the bricchi dell’astigiano” by the restaurateur Fabio Fassio (who is often mistaken, especially on the phone, for the well-known conductor). To tell the truth, a little show also flows in his veins: Fabio, in fact, was a theatrical actor for many years, and he brought this passion of his also into La Signora in Rosso, where in one of the rooms stands out. a small stage where he sometimes performs while serving at the tables. The restaurant is located in the ancient cellars of an elegant 15th century building and is a temple of Asti cuisine where Fabio mixes tradition with a few strokes of creativity such as Piedmontese sushi with raw Fassona meat. The 3 main rooms are covered by traditional red brick barrel vaults and many “crottini” or niches that Fabio has transformed into secluded corners for couples who do not want to be disturbed. On one of the walls of the theater room there is a “Fugue of pages”, hundreds of pages of books saved from the pulp that Fabio always carries with him in all his restaurants and which represent a different way, like the stage for acting, for « surround customers with culture “.

Premiata Osteria dei Fiori: stands on the top of Bricco Fiore, «my hermitage, to reach it you have to know it. Customers call it Bricco Fuori, and not Fiori, because it is an anomalous place », says Daniela. It is anomalous because it is lost in the green and because it is pervaded by the eclectic, artistic and passionate soul of Daniela, painter, riding teacher and, above all, chef. She works with her son Riccardo: in the kitchen she is instinct and he is the academy. Daniela offers a rich menu, which changes seasonally, faithfully following the local products and the recipes of the past: she defines her cuisine as «simple, peasant, without many frills but very faithful to seasonality, my bulwark for 21 years». And then the vitello tonnato arrives on the table as it was done in the 1800s and the ravioli del plin served on a linen handkerchief. The tavern is surrounded by woods and greenery. It has rooms detached from the restaurant area, Daniela’s private house and the dining room, furnished with its large paintings and solid wood tables: a mix of rustic and refinement a little kitsch and a little retro. Outside, in spring and summer, place a few covers in front of the swimming pool and on the outdoor terrace overlooking the Fiore jug.

Agriturismo Le Tère Rüse: Gregorio is a Parisian by birth who feels like a true Piedmontese, his father is from Turin, at the 2006 World Cup final he was the only Frenchman with the Azzurri jersey and, above all, because “the gastronomic products on bricchi they are the best in the world ». For him, moving to Italy five years ago “was a liberation”. Passionate about Italian wine (he convinced his wife Stephanie to abandon champagne for sparkling wine), in his farmhouse, where he takes care of the dining room, he offers peasant cuisine and the territory in a modern key: “less heavy – he assures – without too much oil and lighter », therefore the bagna cauda has less garlic, the snails are not stewed but au gratin, the ravioli seasoned with more refined sauces. Gregorio is very meticulous and is driven by a single motto: “Quality, quality, quality”. The farmhouse is located on top of a jug, surrounded by Gregorio’s vineyards. It has a huge terracotta amphora at the entrance; in addition, a single room furnished – with a modern taste, a little shabby-chic – by the elegant hand of Stephanie, his wife. In spring they also set up the terrace overlooking the vineyards.

Enoteca Gastronomica Civico 15: located on the panoramic point on the bricchi di Canelli and overlooking the landscape of the bricchi. Manuela is a chef with a strong character, nicknamed “the general” by some for precision and meticulousness and admits: «Here I do everything together with my partner: if he weren’t there, I’d do it anyway». It is undoubtedly the soul of his restaurant, opened inside a former medieval prison. Manuela’s cuisine is peasant and winemaker: an admirer of local products, she serves typical dishes such as tajarin, pork in Moscato and carpione all’astigiana. In the desserts she inserts some Sicilian touch to honor the origins of her mother who helps her in the kitchen. Housed in a building of the 1300s, the wine shop is very accurate in detail: a single room furnished with various styles, you will find both white tablecloths and more spartan placemats, ancient and modern objects. A mix that perfectly reflects Manuela’s personality.

The program was created in full compliance with the safety of the participants and the regulations relating to the containment measures of the infection by the Sars-Cov2 Virus as per the DPCM in force during the registrations.

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Written by Alessandro Borghese, Nicola Lo Russo and Glenda Manzi. Directed by Gianni Monfredini.

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