4 Restaurants, Da Giulia is the best fish restaurant in Milan. The interview

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The journey of 4 Restaurants (THE SPECIAL) is restarted from Turin with the new episodes (every Sunday in prime time on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW), and from the Piedmontese capital he took us to Sardiniain Friuli Venezia Giuliaand then to Termoliin city ​​of Romeo and Julietas far as Gubbio, to close to the north, in the Milanese capital (PHOTO). Here, to win the challenge and win the title of Best fish restaurant in Milanis the “generaless” Giulia who carries on the tradition of an authentic cuisine, not inclined to experimentation. Here’s what the winner told us.

the interview with the winner

How did you react to the call?
In all honesty, I hesitated until the end, then both my son and the (very good) members of the casting staff convinced me.

You define yourself as an “army general”, was it easy to bring home the victory?

It was neither easy nor difficult, I’ve always been myself having a lot of fun.

As a true Apulian, how does it feel to be the best fish restaurant in Milan, the city of catering par excellence?

And is there a need to ask? I brought our Bisceglie to Milan with my husband Gianni. We did it with enormous satisfaction and many sacrifices, and we are proud of it.

Your workhorse?

They are different: seafood, red shrimp, langoustine, red tuna and all the raw food accompanied by typical dishes of Puglia and Sicily. And then the fresh homemade pasta with semolina and flour of ancient and strictly organic grains.

Your trump card?

The seriousness, the commitment, the constant search for raw materials and the quality of the same seasoned with an immense passion for cooking. Last but not least, the study and the precious support of my staff.

Who passed on to you the love for cooking and fishing?

The passion for cooking was passed on to me in the family, first of all by my grandmother Giulia who taught me how to make orecchiette when I was a child and then by my mother. The love for fishing, on the other hand, is thanks to my husband Gianni, an expert diver, as a child he used to fish for sea urchins and other seafood that he sold along the coast of Bisceglie. I remember the nights together with rod fishing.

How did the idea of ​​moving from Bisceglie to Milan come about?

For love, I was engaged to Gianni, he had gone to visit his brother here in the north and then he stayed there to work, I decided to follow him.

What do you miss most of your beloved land?

The wonderful sea and its scents.

The best memory of this adventure with Alessandro Borghese?
Alessandro’s veiled smile when I had to express my opinions and criticisms, he never knew what to expect. The staff of 4 restaurants was wonderful, all courteous, kind, they made me feel immediately at ease.

What have you brought home from this television and human experience?

As already said, a great satisfaction, I would never have thought at my age of having to put myself on the line. It was enough to be yourself, the joy for the victory was immense.