4 Restaurants in Ascoli Piceno, Eleonora wins with her Zeneat. The interview

In the episode of Sunday 24 September (exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW) the iconic chef’s van Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants it stops in the heart of the Marche city and lets us discover how the culinary offering of an ancient place that winks at innovation and modernity has been renewed. Taking up the challenge, among towers, proverbs and travertine, are Stefano, Emanuele, Giorgio ed Eleonora who won the title of best modern restaurant with her Zeneat of Ascoli Piceno. Here’s what the winner told us about the victory.

In the video at the head of this article, the VIDEO of the winner in Calabria


What does it feel like to be the best modern restaurant in Ascoli Piceno?
It’s a wonderful satisfaction and a small reward after so many sacrifices.

What does modernity mean to you in a city as ancient as yours?
Modernity is trying to look beyond, broadening horizons, leaving your gaze open to new proposals, new ideas and trying to make them yours to then obtain a modern product that is suitable for the place where you are.

What do you think was your ace up the sleeve?
We said to ourselves, let’s work as always without distorting anything. We are so. We are Zeneat, I think this has rewarded us.

How did the idea for the venue come about?

From the desire to get involved once again, since we already own a historic pastry shop, but opening and managing a restaurant is a completely different story, so we decided to pamper our customers from the a of Angelo (pastry shop) to the z of Zeneat (restaurant).

You also have a pastry shop, what are the most popular desserts by your customers?

The profiterole is certainly our flagship product and the most requested by customers. We produce, in a totally artisanal way, a vast range of sweets and cakes, Chantilly creams, chocolate, puff pastry, sponge cake… so we can satisfy almost all palates. Then there is always the insatiable!

Tell us something more about your chef Alessandro.

Before being a good chef, Alessandro is a very good guy, kind, polite, determined, then like all chefs he goes crazy every now and then, but only because he cares about what he does and wants his dishes to always come out perfect. He suffers criticism but afterwards draws strength from it to improve.

How did it go with your “rival” colleagues?

It went well with my colleagues, we even had fun. Ascoli is a small city, so by sight, for better or worse, we all know each other, but I must say that I shared this experience with three nice and professional guys. We played along, we teased each other and there were some criticisms, but always with the utmost respect, because each of us knows what it means to do this job and sincerely everyone in his home chooses to do what he wants.

The best memory, apart from the victory?

The adrenaline before starting to record the episodes, because I didn’t know what to expect, then when I realized that I could stay calm and be myself, I relaxed and enjoyed the experience. The best memory will be these four days spent backstage, recording and Borghese: it was all fantastic.

What’s your next dream to come true?

We called our restaurant Zeneat precisely because our goal is to become a point of reference for the city and beyond, so now we are headed there.