4 restaurants in Naples, the winner is Giulio’s Ostaria Pignatelli. The interview

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Alessandro Borghese celebrates a special “birthday”: the hundredth episode of 4 Restaurants, and for celebrate this important anniversary, lands in the Neapolitan capital, one of the most fascinating, characteristic and loved cities in the world. And it is on the seafront, in one of its most evocative districts, in the area framed between Vesuvius, the majestic Castel dell’Ovo, the view of Capri and the entire gulf that the challenge is played out. Between Marianna’s “Nonna Tittina”, Alessia’s “La Piazzetta”, Ivano’s “Osteria del mare Pesce & Champagne” and Giulio’s “Ostaria Pignatelli”, it is the latter who takes home the victory. Here’s what the winner told us about his extraordinary experience of 4 Restaurants (THE SPECIAL).

the interview with the winner

Your first thought after the call?

It was simple: the dream of a life made of sacrifices came true, a recognition of my hard work over the years.

Were you a fan of the show?
Yes, I’m a fan of the programme, I have always admired chef Borghese and I never thought I would participate in his programme, which is so important and followed by millions of Italians.

What was the best compliment you received from chef Borghese?
There are two compliments that I most appreciated: the first when he told me that it was clear that I loved my job and did it with passion, something that I have always tried to convey to our customers, trying to make them feel at home. The second concerns the tasting of our pasta and potatoes, which has brought back the traditional flavors of the past.

How was the Ostaria Pignatelli born?

It was created to satisfy all tastes. A common thread that links the refined and original environment, tending towards the trendy, to an offer of dishes made up of great classics and traditional.

Your place was also appreciated for the care of the furnishings: how important is attention to detail?
Our place, even if small, is very welcoming and warm, and it’s often the little details that make customers feel at ease and at home.

What was your trump card?
Surely my trump cards are the love and passion for this job.

Your colleagues objected to the poor seafood offering; what is true Neapolitan cuisine for you?
True, my colleagues contested the limited offer of seafood first courses, but I want to remind you that traditionally Neapolitan cuisine was born as poor cuisine and was mainly based on knowing how to use leftovers from cured meats, cheeses and various types of pasta, fish dishes were only for the rich.

What will you do with the prize won?
With the prize won, we will certainly buy a state-of-the-art oven that will help us improve the quality of our work even further.

To whom do you dedicate the victory?
I dedicate it to my father who is no longer here and who always supported me in everything I did, teaching me the sacrifice of work and always being humble; to my mother who is ill and to all my family, my wife and my son. But the greatest dedication is to the owners, great professionals who had the courage to invest and believe in this post-pandemic project… a big thank you to them for believing in me.

If 4 Restaurants were a Neapolitan song, what would it be?

Undoubtedly “Yes I know my way” by Pino Daniele because it is important to know one’s way.