4 Restaurants in Udine, the San Michele di Giuseppe Restaurant wins. The interview

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Chef Alessandro Borghese’s van stopped at the most north-eastern border of Italy to find the best restaurant in a historic residence in Udine and its surroundings. And it is right here, “in the thousand-year-old city”, that he crowns Joseph And the “San Michele restaurant”. The winner, owner of what he likes to call his terrace on Friuli, it beats the competition of Marco’s “Casa della Contadinanza”, Valentino’s “Ristorante Al Zuc” and Federica’s “Trattoria Al Paradiso”. Here’s what he told us about his extraordinary experience of 4 Restaurants (THE SPECIAL).

the interview with the winner

Did you expect victory?
By nature I don’t like to take anything for granted, I knew I had possibilities, but I also knew that the other competitors were trained professionals.

San Michele is a place where beauty and culture merge with the culinary offer, how did your restaurant come about?
It was born twenty years ago and is the result of the professional and life experiences of each of us, our work team is made up of curious individuals, eager to improve themselves on a daily basis. The project that unites us all is the desire to be an excellence for the territory, putting the customer at the center of everything.

What was the best compliment you received from chef Borghese?
Chef Borghese was really very kind to us, dispensing compliments and even some valuable advice, but the compliment that I most appreciated and of which I am proud concerns the quality of the work team with which I collaborate.

What does it mean to combine ancient values ​​and a vision of the future?
We live in a rural context, where attention to traditions is an important aspect in daily life, my past experiences, my heritage, combined with the important contribution of a young and capable work team allow us to make handed down preparations contemporary , through steps, cooking, combinations and presentation, our suppliers who respect the production chain also help us a lot in this.

A funny behind-the-scenes anecdote that you want/can tell?
There were various amusing moments, in particular the interludes that were created with Thomas, Marco’s very valid collaborator at the Casa della contadinanza, but perhaps what we all remember at the San Michele restaurant, and which still makes us smile, is when, during a moment’s pause, sitting around a table, after the umpteenth call to the restaurant, Chef Borghese got up, and like a perfect host, answered the phone, opened the reservation book and collected the request from the customer by transcribing everything in every detail.

Your philosophy of life?
Our philosophy of life is simple: never take ourselves too seriously, but all together take what we do seriously.

The trump card that led you to outperform the competition?
I think the keys that guaranteed us victory are different, first of all the value of the team, united by common ingredients: professionalism, passion, ability, total and constant dedication, and a good dose of empathy.

To whom do you dedicate the victory?
To my wife who constantly supports me, to my children, I saw the pride in their eyes for the result obtained, and to Adriano, a very valid collaborator, the most solid pillar of the restaurant, deeply moved at the time of the award ceremony. Having said that, I would like to take advantage of this space to once again thank the entire work team that has followed us since the first calls for their extreme professionalism. They made us feel at ease, making our experience easier, fun and unique.