4 Restaurants, the new season kicks off with Alessandro Borghese

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For Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants begins a new journey among Italian restaurateurs. The challenges are back according to the iconic and irresistible mechanism that made the show a cult on Italian television, but this time national borders are crossed to discover the best Italian restaurants abroad. From Sunday 27 November, on Sky and streaming on NOWchef Alessandro Borghese will be back on board his van around Italy, but he will also have to take flights to export his challenges abroad, to Fuerteventuralocation of the first episode, ed Edinburgh

Thus returns, with unpublished episodes, the program – original production Sky made by Banijay Italy – which has created a habit and has transformed simple restaurateurs into determined and fierce competitors in a no-holds-barred challenge, with the indispensable report card to draw up at the end of the meal. In this new journey, Chef Borghese, in addition to the two foreign stops, will visit some of the most fascinating and characteristic places in Italy: among others, Naples, Bologna, Ortygia (Syracuse), the Five lands, Leghorn.

In Fuerteventura, in the first episode of this new cycle – starting from 27 November every Sunday in prime time on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW – Alessandro Borghese will look for the best Italian restaurant on the island. An ideal vacation spot full of diverse landscapes, on the second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands – as well as the oldest of them – it is summer all year round. The kilometre-long beaches of golden sand with lava cliffs, the uncontaminated nature, the turquoise waters make Fuerteventura a favorite destination for water sports enthusiasts, and more generally it is very popular with Italians: just a few hours’ flight from us, almost 10,000 of our compatriots they even have a choice as a place to live. The Italian community is very lively, and obviously the Italian restaurants are its fulcrum as well as highly coveted and beloved destinations by all the other islanders and by all tourists, of whatever nationality: they promise authentic tagliatelle al ragù but often the heralded Italian cuisine mixes with the Spanish tradition. Therefore, electing the best Italian restaurant in Fuerteventura is a less simple mission than expected. Competing in this episode are “My Home” by Alexander, “Mar. ni” by Nicoletta, “Pasqualina Bistro” by Massimo and “The Red Cat Inn” Giovanni’s.
All restaurants participating in the program are identifiable through a “sticker” 4 RESTAURANTS exposed outside, a network of venues tested by those in the know: the restaurateurs themselves.

The simple and hypnotic rules at the base of Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants: four restaurateurs with something in common, each eager to prove that they are the best in a certain category, are competing to obtain the coveted, beloved and unmistakable “tenby the chef. Each restaurateur invites the other three who, accompanied by Borghese, comment and vote with a score from 0 to 10 location, menu, service, I count of the restaurant that hosts them and the category Special, which changes from episode to episode: all four challengers, in fact, will have to compete on the same dish, the protagonist of that episode, so as to make the competition between them ever more direct and intense, with no holds barred. In Fuerteventura they will compete over a local celebrity, the cheese Queso Majoreroused so much that it has a dedicated museum on the island: produced with Majorera goat milk, it has a spicy and slightly sour taste.

Up for grabs for the winner of each episode, the coveted title of best restaurant and an economic contribution to invest in your business. As per tradition, each meal is preceded by the scrupulous inspection by chef Borghese of the restaurant kitchen. Everything is observed down to the smallest detail, for an analysis that then continues during the meal, focusing on the dining room staff, put to the test on their welcome, table service, description of the dish and the wine. Only at the end is chef Borghese’s judgment revealed, and with his votes he can confirm or overturn the entire ranking.


“Mi Casa” by Alessandro: sstands on the Corralejo seafront, it is a chic and refined location with a sea view. Alessandro, born in Bologna, has been a restaurateur for almost 25 years. According to him, «in Fuerteventura they are stuck in the 2000s»; he admits he’s a bit of a coolie. In his restaurant he is a joker: he creates the line of the restaurant menu and often stays in the dining room to welcome customers. The Mi Casa offers «a few dishes that are often turned around», a fusion between Italian and traditional Canarian cuisine: the classic pastas cannot be missing (there are the cacio e pepe revisited with the addition of prawn tartare or the amatriciana with fresh tuna). An express cuisine, with raw materials purchased daily, «where tortellini, tortelloni and tagliatelle are never lacking». He considers himself loyal and objective, but he is sure of the beauty of his restaurant: indeed, according to it, it is «the most beautiful in Fuerteventura». The restaurant has soft colors that seem in line with the colors of a beach club, with a style that mixes antique furniture with more modern objects.

“Mar.ni” by Nicoletta: this restaurant is also located in the streets of Corralejo, but does not have a sea view. On this point Nicoletta, a handyman and very direct chef, has clear ideas: «People must not drop into my restaurant, they must come to my restaurant – she says – and many establishments by the sea lose quality in order to be able to afford to stay there» . Nicoletta arrived on the island only a few years ago, after a life as a graphic designer in Rome together with her architect husband; self-taught, she learned to cook in Italy by organizing food and wine events linked to her former business and here she brought a “uniquely Italian” cuisine almost exclusively based on fish. There is a lot of fresh pasta, from amatriciana to cacio e pepe; there are appetizers and seafood main courses, but also tapas with Italian additions such as those based on caponata. The location has essential furnishings and reflects Nicoletta’s character: they printed the placemats with their own design and the counter also has the same graphics.

Massimo’s “Pasqualina Bistrot”.: it is located in El Cotillo, a small fishing village overlooking the Atlantic where Massimo, who defines himself as an “encantado of life”, opened his Bistrot just a year ago. Pasqualina is his grandmother, he brought her to the island to open a restaurant: Massimo, in fact, was one of the first Italians to have a traditional restaurant in Corralejo, which he then decided to leave because «now there are too many and I don’t like the critical turn that catering has taken here on the island». Massimo is a handyman by nature, he takes care of the kitchen and the dining room. On the menu there are eggplant parmigiana, carbonara and spaghetti with clams, while the latter are more inspired by the traditions of Fuerteventura (such as Pincho Moruno, marinated pork with species, cinnamon and turmeric), or oven-baked ribs and baked fish. It is considered the number one of fresh pasta. The “Pasqualina Bistrot” has most of the seats outside, with an open kitchen; furnished according to Massimo’s tastes, many of the paintings that hang are paintings by his grandmother. It overlooks a breathtaking panorama: the desert and the volcanoes of the island’s hinterland.

“Locanda Il Gatto Rosso” by Giovanni: he is the owner and chef of this trattoria-pizzeria located in Villa Verde, an inland town and part of the municipality of Oliva, in the north of the island, which he manages together with his wife. Giovanni offers predominantly Italian cuisine with products also originating from Fuerteventura: the dishes are those of the Italian tradition of the south but also the great Italian classics – from lasagna alla bolognese (also in the version with Fuerteventura goat ragout) or Genoese pesto. The search for Italian quality products and others at km0 is continuous. Pizza is also on the menu and «for me as a Neapolitan pizza is sacred», even if it uses local flours. Giovanni is not a man of great pretensions, for him the family is the most important value: he thinks he can accept constructive criticism because “there is always something to learn” but not those dictated only by strategy. The restaurant is surrounded by desert and volcanoes, in an extremely suggestive area; furnished in a vintage style, Giovanni has autonomously reworked all the furnishings already present to give it a personal touch. As a good Neapolitan, the name of the Locanda is inspired by the film “We don’t have to cry” by Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi.

The program was carried out in full compliance with the safety of the participants and with the regulations relating to the measures to contain the contagion from Virus Sars – Cov2 as per Prime Ministerial Decree in force during the registrations.

Sky Brand Solutions, Sky Media department, together with Banijay Italia has brought on board the new episodes of “Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” Generali Italia, RCH – cash registers, Consorzio dell’Asti and Moscato d’Asti Docg.

“Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” is an original Sky production created by Banijay Italia.

Written by Alessandro Borghese, Nicola Lorenzi and Marco Tangerini. The direction is by Gianni Monfredini.

ALESSANDRO BORGHESE 4 RISTORANTI has been on air since 27 November every Sunday in prime time on Sky Uno and in streaming on NOW, always available on demand and viewable on Sky Go.