40 years have passed since Duran Duran’s debut: how are the members of the iconic band today

Among the symbols of the legendary 80s there are certainly Duran Duran: it will be a thrill to find out how they have become after 40 years!

An extraordinary adventure that continues after four decades that of Duran Duran: fifteen studio albums, two Grammy Awards and two Brits Awards were not enough to stop the unstoppable success of the historic British group that can still count on the love of millions and millions of fans around the world.

40 years have passed since Duran Duran’s debut: how are the members of the iconic band now (Youtube)

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If you loved them in the 80s too, you will certainly remember their most famous songs like Girls On Film, first single to mark the real turning point in their careers, or Hungry Like The Wolf and Save A Prayer, other songs that became classics of that era.

Created by John Taylor and Nick Rhodes, the group gradually grew with other members: Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor and Simon Le Bon. They can be said to have launched the New Romantic musical genre and can be considered the first pop musicians to work independently on their own songs before the advent of digital synthesizers and music sampling.

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They remained in the collective imagination as icons of an era: what are Duran Duran like now?

Unfortunately, between so much fame and success, there have been difficult moments and abandonments over the years, sometimes complicated by the use of drugs. The band members only came together for the soundtrack of the film James Bond Agent 007 – Moving Target with A View To A Kill.

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After a cover album titled Thank you, Duran Duran went to press in 1997 Medazzaland of which this time John Taylor is also the protagonist. Their latest work dates back to October 2021, will you buy it?

Duran Duran
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