41 bis, ‘Hands off Cain’ visit to prisoners: Fdi interrogation

“Free permission that knows no precedents, we want to know in what capacity it was granted”

“From press reports we learn that a delegation of theradical association ‘Hands off Caino’ was allowed on 7 and 10 May to meet the Mafia bosses held at 41bis in the prisons of Sassari and Nuoro. In these institutes, bosses of the caliber of Leoluca Bagarella, Michele Zagaria, Domenico Gallico are locked up in the maximum security sections “. This is what the deputies of Brothers of Italy Wanda Ferro, secretary of the anti-mafia parliamentary commission, Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove, head of the Justice Department, and Salvatore Deidda, who addressed a question to the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia. With their questioning, the Brothers of Italy parliamentarians also asked the Minister Cartabia for inspection initiatives to clarify the matter.

“The delegation led by Rita Bernardini was able to access the prisons thanks to a permit signed by Carlo Renoldi, the new director of the Dap chosen by the Minister Cartabia, in which the possibility of visiting section 41bis was not excluded – they underline -. free permission that knows no precedent from the time of the Mafia massacres, from when, that is, after the attacks on Falcone and Borsellino, the prison regime was established pursuant to art. 41 bis to avoid that prisons were still places of free Mafia command. We we want to know in what capacity and for what reasons the members of a private association have been allowed to access the section 41bis and to meet detainees, with which detainees the interviews took place and whether the provisions of the penitentiary system on the subject of interviews with confined persons in special detention were respected “.

“It is clear that, without going into the merits of the reasons that guide the work of the association ‘Hands off Cain’, it is necessary to understand for what reason the visit to prisoners at 41bis, regulated by specific and non-derogable rulesand if eventually the same criteria are applicable to any private association intends to have an interview with detained bosses – continue the parliamentarians of Fdi – In fact, those restricted to the special prison regime are allowed to hold only one interview per month ‘to be held at intervals of time regular and in rooms equipped in such a way as to prevent the passage of objects ‘, with people not outside’ family members and cohabitants, except in exceptional cases determined from time to time by the director of the institute or, for the defendants until the sentence of first instance, by the competent judicial authority ‘”.

“A circular of the Dap of 2017 clarified some application aspects, restricting the kinship or affinity of family members admitted to the meetings by the third degree and limiting the maximum duration of the same to one hour and providing that the meetings are subjected to auditory and upon registration, subject to justified authorization by the competent judicial authority ‘and are’ in any case videotaped ‘- they conclude – interviews other than those with family members, pursuant to article 41bis, are categorically prohibited, except in exceptional cases determined from time to time by the director of the institution or, for the accused up to the delivery of the sentence of first instance, by the competent judicial authority “.

“I do not agree with any of this action, I totally distance myself from it. It is okay to be attentive to rights, but the community of the country has the right to defend itself. Certain rights, however fundamental they must be deserved. Nobody touches 41 bis”. He tells the Adnkronos Gianni Tonellideputy of the League and former secretary general of the Autonomous Police Union, commenting on the visit.

“I speak as secretary of the Anti-Mafia Commission and as a policeman: when there are mafia members who have never repented and have never collaborated with justice, I repeat, the whole community must defend itself. Mine is not revenge, mine is a defense of the institutions and of the whole state “, concludes Tonelli.