41 bis, Scarpinato-Renzi sparks: “Facciatosta”, “Shame on you”

In the Senate the question and answer on hard prison

Sparks in the Senate hall between Matteo Renzi and Roberto Scarpinato. The ex-magistrate gave the “front” to the leader Iv for saying that in his opinion the 41 bis should not be touched because it is a “victory of politics”.

At the end of the interventions of the groups, Renzi asked to speak in a “personal capacity” to retort: ​​”Senator Scarpinato began by calling me a ‘front’ because he felt called into question when I spoke of magistrates who, in the name of a phantom negotiation that has been denied, they have built careers. I would like it to be put on record that I was referring exactly to him”. And he adds: “Before coming to give me a blunt facade, explain his acquaintances with Palamara and the crazy attitude against the institutions. For me Scarpinato should be ashamed“.

But the 5 Star exponent does not fit and outside the Chamber he replies again to the leader Iv through journalists: “Senator Renzi proved to be absolutely uninformed, this is the best thing I can think of. In the first place – says Scarpinato – he affirmed that the Cassation annulled the sentence of the negotiation but the Cassation has not yet pronounced itself, therefore he demonstrates a basic ignorance of the facts. Secondly, the appeal sentence confirmed that the negotiations took place and that there were a series of very serious institutional deviations by the defendants. Thirdly, he stated that I would have had acquaintances with Palamara: if there is a magistrate in Italy who has not had acquaintances with Palamara it is me and this results from all the investigative documents where there is not a single chat, among the millions of Palamara’s chat, which attests to my conversation with him. The one instance where he talks about me, he talks terribly bad about it, which I’m proud of.”

“He then referred to Napolitano’s legal adviser, D’Ambrosio, who was intercepted while he was speaking with the honorable Mancino as part of the negotiation process. I won’t go into the merits of the phone call but it is another inappropriate quote because I was working in another office at the time and it wasn’t me who ordered this interception. If there were only one of these statements that is anchored to a real fact, he speaks freely. Coming to Parliament, I thought that a member of parliament before speaking at least should be informed, but to affirm that the Cassation has annulled the sentence of the negotiation when all Italians know that it has not yet been pronounced, one really has to ask oneself but where have I ended up?”, concludes Scarpinato.