5 October, World Teachers’ Day: why it is celebrated today

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 October. A day that commemorates the signing of the UNESCO Recommendations on the status of teacher and has as its fundamental objective that of arousing reflections on the role of training professionals. This year the theme is “teaching in freedom, empowering teachers”. Teachers have a crucial role because they are the category that represents a dividing line between success and failure, between illiteracy and literacy, between a lifestyle of future citizens fully integrated into a hard-working society and the failure.

Investments are needed

Teacher leadership in transforming education is the theme of World Teachers’ Day of 2022. Convened by Education International, Unesco, the International Labor Organization and Unicef, this day aims to highlight the teacher’s work and invites governments and public opinion to invest in this profession, to trust and to involve and respect teachers.

Bianchi his message to the teachers

“On World Teachers’ Day I want to thank all our teachers, who, in this digital age, are more and more people of reference for our children. Teachers not only spread knowledge and knowledge: they help our students and our students to grow up free and responsible ”were the words of the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi.