5 photos of Gerard Piqué’s brother that show that Shakira chose the wrong one

Marc Pique Bernabéu is the older brother of Gerard Piqué. Since the release of Shakira’s song with Bizarrap, the entire family of both has been in focus. And now, the one who drew attention is Marc, Gerard’s brother, who is also very handsome, and apparently not a traitor.

Marc Pique. Source: Instagram cele.bspop

Marc Pique was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, on February 13, 1986. Although not as well known as his brother, Marc has also had a career in the world of soccer, albeit in a different position. He began his soccer career playing in the categories inferiors of FC Barcelona, ​​but never got to play in the main team. Instead, he decided to pursue his career in minor teams in the Catalonia region, playing for teams like UE Sant Andreu and CE Europa.

Marc Pique. Source: Instagram cele.bspop

In addition to his soccer career, Marc Pique he has also been successful in business. About him it is known that he is 30 years old and is the second and last son of Joan Piqué and Montserrat Bernabéu. He is currently married and it is that in 2022 he joined his life with a “young woman from a good Barcelona family”.

The whole family. Source: Instagram @cele.bspop

He studied Business Administration and Management at the Sarriá Chemical Institute and it is speculated that he works in the company Gerard Piqué, Kosmos, within a rather important management position. Prior to that, he was appointed sole administrator at Kerad Esports, was a counselor at Lobobeach, and was later placed in front of Kerad Financial. He owns a clothing store in Barcelona called “Piqué & Co”, which specializes in men’s clothing and accessories. He is also the founder of the company “MP Sports Management”, which is dedicated to the representation of soccer players.

Marc Pique. Source: Instagram cele.bspop

Network users quickly noticed that Marc Piqué is very pretty, even more than his brother who has now become the most hated man for being unfaithful to Shakira. For this reason, many women are beginning to admire Marc Piqué, preferring him instead of the athlete and have even joked that Shakira “chose the wrong brother.”

Marc Pique. Source: Instagram cele.bspop?????

In addition, Marc does not have social networks and is the complete opposite of Gerard Piquéalthough between the two they have a great relationship, as has been verified in several postcards. “They always compared him with his brother, and that, like it or not, was difficult to bear,” the young man’s father declared in the past, demonstrating how hard it is to live under the shadow of the world champion with Spain in 2010.