5 Seconds of Summer put the soul of the band on the 5SOS5 album

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It came out today 5SOS5 (BMG), the fifth studio album by the multi-platinum pop-rock band 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER! The album is available in CD version (14 tracks), deluxe CD (with 5 bonus tracks more than the standard version), digitally and on vinyl (in 5 different colored versions). The album shows the great and multifaceted artistic level of the band, and their growth over the 10-year career, thanks to the dynamic and pop-punk sound, combined with thoughtful and more intimate lyrics. Most of the songs were written by the band members themselves, while Michael Clifford is the main producer of the project.

The album contains 19 tracks, including the singles already extracted, “Take My Hand”, “Me, Myself & I”, “COMPLETE MESS” and the track currently on the radio, “BLENDER”.

This is the complete tracklist of “5SOS5:

  2. Easy For You To Say
  3. Bad Omens
  4. Me Myself & I
  5. Take My Hand
  7. Older
  8. HAZE
  9. You Don’t Go To Parties
  11. Caramel
  12. Best Friends
  13. Bleach
  14. Red Line
  15. Moodswings
  16. Flatline
  17. Emotions
  18. Bloodhound
  19. TEARS!

Regarding the album, Calum Hood said: “5SOS5 was the most fulfilling experience. He was born in the Joshua Tree desert. The essence of the album comes from the calm of our minds and the words that emerged from the soul of the band. It is something alive, that breathes, that unites our most beautiful and luminous parts to the darkest ones. 5SOS5 is the truest representation of the 5 Seconds Of Summer “.

To celebrate the release of the album, i 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER were protagonists last night of The Feeling of Falling Upwards, an exclusive and unique live in an exceptional location, the ROYAL ALBERT HALL in London. They brought live a set with reinvented versions of the songs that are part of their 11-year career, plus the new songs contained in 5SOS5, all together with a live orchestra and choir.