’50 Shades of Gray ‘star Dakota Johnson says pandemic has changed her outlook on life

Dakota johnson He came forward shedding light on his change in outlook on life. The actress of ’50 shades of gray’ She said the ongoing pandemic has made her see life differently.

“The thing is, people are not behaving normally. If you go to a party, [improperio] you get angry. “

Johnson currently has several projects in the pipeline, including her feature film debut as a director.

The film is set on a mythical island, but the actress declined to give an in-depth look at other details.

She told the magazine Town and country : “We talked about someone else directing, but then I was dreaming about it, having ideas all the time. It’s in my bones, this story. I say, ‘Is this too soon?’ But it’s happening. I will. “

The Fifty Shades of Gray star was blazing in a striking blue and green jumpsuit, which featured a sequined corset-style top half and feathered pants.

The actress, 32, daughter of the actors Melanie Griffith and Don johnson admitted that ‘no one is acting normal’ after the pandemic and if she goes to a party she gets ‘fucking mad’.

Dakota also mentioned how she felt worried that her next directional debut was happening ‘too early’ in her career.

The screen star wowed in a series of looks for the American monthly lifestyle magazine, while discussing her new movie The Lost Daughter.