50 years old, but she always looks like a girl: what is the secret of Benedetta Parodi’s physical form?

She has just turned 50, but Benedetta Parodi always looks like a girl: what is the secret of her physical shape? Many are wondering!

A very special summer, the one that is about to close in a few weeks for Benedetta Parodi. In addition to spending her holidays in the company of her children and her husband, the TV presenter has reached a huge milestone: her 50 years! Yes, you read that right: the beloved face of Bake Off Italia blew out 50 candles!

Benedetta Parodi. Credits: Instagram

It’s really strange to think that Benedetta Parodi has turned 50, right? On the other hand, she always looks like a little girl! Have you ever wondered, however, what is her beauty ‘secret’? All the stars of our show have one, but what does that of the beloved presenter consist of? Recently, we told you that Parodi is particularly interested in training and that, like a real fixed appointment, she engages in long races. There is, however, a particular diet that Benedetta follows to have that fitness so perfect? Absolutely yes, but – as revealed by the person directly interested in Confidenze – it is not at all a drastic diet, rather a correct diet! Are you ready to discover everything too?

What is the secret of Benedetta Parodi’s physical form? You would never imagine

As for Martina Colombari, also for Benedetta Parodi at the base of his fitness there is a healthy and proper diet. On the other hand, we know very well: training counts a lot, and there is no doubt about this, but most of the results are obtained right at the table! Are you curious, however, to know what Benedetta Parodi’s ‘diet’ consists of? We are ready to reveal everything to you! Take a pen and paper too and write down these small but very precious tips.

In the course of a very recent interview with Confidenze, in fact, the presenter revealed that she does not like drastic diets at all, but that she much prefers balanced and healthy meals. “I don’t do drastic diets”, she revealed the face of Bake Off Italia. Of course, some small sin of gluttony allows it and does not regret it at all, but immediately afterwards she tries to recover. When she feels weighed down, in fact, Parodi said she used to cook a dish with little pasta and lots of vegetables. Whether they are boiled, au gratin or boiled, Parodi-Caressa home-grown vegetables are never lacking. And in ’emergency’ cases they are readily used at the table. In these cases, Benedetta also uses low-fat cheeses and many vegetables, while she does without carbohydrates, meat and fish.

parodi fitness
Physicist Benedetta Parodi. Credits: Instagram

In short, a rather regular ‘diet’ that has nothing to do with that of Dr. Nowzaradan. What do you think about it?