6 new competitors arrive at Gf Vip: names appear

6 new competitors arrive at Gf Vip: names appear, there is also a former Vippo from a past edition of the reality show.

The seventh edition of the GF Vip is now in full swing. The reality show only started a month ago, but everything has already happened in the most spied-on house on TV. And, unfortunately, not only positive things.

GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The delicate case of Marco Bellavia led to the abandonment of three competitors in a few days, first of all the former face of Bim bum bam. Then left the house Ginevra Lamborghini, disqualified, Giovanni Ciacci, eliminated in the flash televoting, and Sara Manfuso, who decided to retire. All these early goodbyes have forced the GF to run for cover: soon there will be new entrances into the house and the first, possible, names have already leaked. We talk about well you are new entry, ready to wreak havoc in the Cinecittà house. That’s who I am!

GF Vip, new competitors are coming: here are the possible names

GF Vip fans, hold on tight! In the most spied house on the small screen, they are coming new competitors, definitely in advance! The entry of new Vipponi to reality show in progress was already foreseen, but not so quickly: the unexpected farewell of four competitors, however, has speeded everything up! New, interesting, characters are ready to join the rest of the contestants: we can’t wait to find out who they are! Fortunately, however, there are already some spoilers.

At Casa Pipol, Gabriele Parpiglia revealed that they will be six new competitors of the GF Vip, but their names have not yet been disclosed. On the web, however, several indiscretions have leaked, some really succulent. We talk about Helena PrestesBrazilian model, former flame of Antonino Spinalbese and Daniele Del Moro, but also of Max Bertolani, ex-boyfriend of Pamela Prati. There are those who also talk about the entry of Teresa Langella: the former tronista was given as an official competitor even before the start of the reality show. Will she really be like this? Two other hot names in the last few hours are that of Umberto Smaila and Countess Patrizia De Blanck, who would come home again! And she wouldn’t be the only one to return …

There is a bombshell indiscretion concerning one of the most loved and discussed contestants of the edition number 5 of the reality show: Dayane Mello! The Brazilian influencer and model would be ready to return home, after being contacted by Alfonso Signorini by phone. The phone call was revealed by Samara Tramontana, during an episode of Casa Pipol. To confirm her indiscretion was just Parpiglia, who revealed that, at the time of the call with Alfonso, Dayane was on the train with her friend Soleil. The content of the call is top secret, but it is easy to imagine that the conductor’s proposal for Mello is precisely to return!

gf vip new competitors
Dayane Mello (Credits GF Vip website)

Would you like to see Dayane again among the Vipers of GF Vip 7? We remind you that these are simple rumors and that we will have to wait for official news.