7 years after The Voice, this is the relationship between Cami Gallardo and Luis Fonsi today

Singer Cami Gallardo 25 years old has become one of the most listened to artists in the region in recent times. She is about to complete a decade of musical experience and her performances show all her talent and the explosive combo that they make of her along with her beauty.

Today Cami Gallardo He is also very popular on social networks where he accumulates more than two million followers who do not lose track of him. For them, she shares photos of her best poses and looks, as well as fragments of her shows and trips to different countries.

The truth is Cami Gallardo He took his first steps in music on the reality show ‘The Voice’ in 2015 when he was just 17 years old. There she surprised the jury with the immense talent of him and the singer Luis Fonsi he became one of his mentors and coaches. He wrote the song that made him famous called “More Than Half”.

Over time Cami Gallardo He grew musically and this year he returned to ‘The Voice’ but from the jury’s place. There she commented that the role she had Luis Fonsi in his life and said: “It was very important in the beginning of my career because it guided me and introduced me to many people that I had to meet at that time in order to be ordained.”

Cam Gallardo. Source: Terra archive

Also Cami Gallardo He admitted that he is still in contact with Luis Fonsi, now as colleagues. “I keep in touch with him and his wife, I love them very much and they are a wonderful family. Fonsi is an artist that I greatly admire, he has many years of career, knowledge and musical wisdom.”

Luis Fonsi. Source: Terra archive

“It has been nice to keep in touch with him over the years. Seeing each other now as colleagues and that mutual admiration is very nice,” he added. Cami Gallardo while previously Luis Fonsi had highlighted “I have worked a lot with Camila Gallardo’s career, not only as a composer, but as a producer as well”.