70 years ago the death of Stalin, the memory of the great-grandson

On March 5, 1953, the communist dictator Iosif Stalin, pseudonym of Iosif Vissarionovič Džugašvili, died. 70 years after his death, his great-nephew Selim Bensaad remembers him in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’, who contacted him via email, in which he supports the thesis that Stalin was poisoned. ” As a descendant, I had the opportunity to view the files on his illness and death and I found many discrepancies and falsehoods – he says – The night before the alleged stroke, Stalin dined with Lavrentiy Beria, Nikita Khrushchev, Nikolaj Bulganin and Georgy Malenkov. It is probable that the poison was procured by Beria, who employed the laboratory of the chemist Grigory Majranovsky, and that it was Khrushchev who hatched the plot. My great grandfather was a strong man. He managed to last three days without treatment”.

In addition, the great-grandson also asks that it be forbidden to call his great-grandfather a ‘bloody tyrant’. ”The Gulag is a symbol of the Stalin era-he underlines-But we need to talk about it honestly! No wonder we came up with the hashtag ‘Archives don’t lie’! We must study history from its original sources. In my book I ask myself: if it was Stalin who single-handedly repressed millions of people, then who wrote 20 million denunciations? What are the NKVD secret police troikas? I’m not afraid to face my family past. I do not deny what happened. But we need to understand why it happened so that it doesn’t happen again”.

And on the fact that Putin helped to rehabilitate his great-grandfather’s memory, he explains: ”My beloved president did nothing to rehabilitate Stalin. He met Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, but he didn’t even deposit a flower in front of the bust dedicated to Stalin in Volgograd on February 2nd. In Russia it is even forbidden to show photos of Stalin during the Immortal Regiment march on May 9th. However, I understand Putin. He gives the people the right to decide who the real heroes are”. And always on Putin he adds: ”Putin is undoubtedly a great man in history. An entire era will be named after him, as well as Stalin’s. I am glad that I live in the Putin era. But he is not Stalin! I fear for him. I fear he may be killed like my great grandfather. He is surrounded by traitors. And it’s not Stalin to punish them as they deserve”.