730 pre-compiled 2023, final sprint: final click by October 2nd

By this date, the Revenue Agency communicates, taxpayers can send the declaration online, after possibly integrating and modifying it

Two more weeks to send 730/2023: the deadline is set for Monday 2 October. By this date, the Revenue Agency communicates, taxpayers can send the declaration online, after possibly integrating and modifying it. More than one billion and 300 million pieces of data have been used this year by the Agency to prepare the models and simplify compliance for citizens: ranging from health expenses to insurance premiums, from school expenses to unique certifications sent by employers , from mortgage interest to social security contributions.

How to do

Those who are unfamiliar with the web application or do not have the opportunity to use it themselves can still delegate a family member or a trusted person to manage their pre-compiled form (view it, accept it or modify it and send it in their own interest). To access the declaration, simply enter your reserved area on the website (www.agenziaentrate.gov.it) with your Spid, Cie or Cns credentials.

Once inside the web application you can view the pre-filled model and consult in detail the amounts already entered to confirm them or, using the ‘Assisted compilation’ function, modify them and enter new ones in guided mode. A video tutorial, online on the Agency’s YouTube channel, explains the fundamental steps to proceed with sending, while the dedicated ‘info730’ website collects all the useful information and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The guide

The guide ‘The pre-compiled declaration 2023’ is also available on the Agency’s website. The pre-compiled 730 must be sent by 2 October 2023, while for the income form (and for the 730 corrective income form) there is time until 30 November 2023. Anyone who wants to authorize a family member or another trusted person to working on your online declaration still has time to activate: authorization can be requested easily and immediately from your reserved area or by booking a video call with an Agency official. Alternatively, it is possible to send a certified email or present the request at any Agency office.

To find out more, just follow the Agency’s tutorial, which also explains how to access as an heir, or consult the guide Access to online services for representatives and trusted people. The basket of information pre-loaded by the Agency exceeds 1.3 billion this year: over one billion data relating to healthcare expenses, 99 million insurance premiums, 73 million unique certifications of employees and self-employed workers, 11 million bank transfers for renovations, 8.5 million data relating to interest expense on mortgages and 6.5 million relating to school expenses.

For the 2023 declarations, the expenses for rent and intermediation for the purchase of properties used as a ‘first home’ were also considered: all information that is added to that already present in previous years (social security and welfare contributions, those paid for domestic workers, university expenses and nursery schools, etc.).