“A banana as a gift”, the blue Traorè and the racist gift

The prop of Benetton and the national team denounces the episode

A rotten banana as a Christmas present. Cherif Traorè, prop for Benetton and the Italian national team, denounces the racist act he had to suffer. “Christmas is coming and as per team tradition it’s time for Secret Santa. A convivial and playful moment. A moment where you can afford to give anonymous gifts to your companions, even sharp, ironic ones. Yesterday, when was the My turn, I found a banana inside my gift. A rotten banana, inside a wet bag,” wrote the 28-year-old player of Guinean origin in a post on Instagram.

“Besides considering the gesture offensive, the thing that hurt me the most is seeing most of my companions present laughing. As if everything were normal – accuses Traorè -. I’m used to or rather, I had to get used to, having to put on a brave face every time I hear racist jokes to try not to make enemies close to me. Yesterday was different though. Fortunately, some comrades, especially foreigners, tried to support me. A gesture outside Italy how this is seriously condemned even within small realities, and this time I want to have my say. I didn’t sleep all night”. “At this Secret Santa there were also young boys of different origins. I have decided not to be silent this time to ensure that episodes like this do not happen again to prevent other people from finding themselves in my current situation in the future. And hoping that the sender learns a lesson…”, concludes the blue prop.