A doctor in the family, Lino Banfi opens the eleventh season

ANSA interviewed Verdiana Bixio, president of Publispei, the production house of A doctor in the family, who spoke about the future of the cult TV series that has enthralled the Italian public for ten seasons. Following the declarations, TAG24 reached out to Lino Banfi, the historic interpreter of Nonno Libero. The Apulian actor expressed happiness about the possibility of returning to the villa Poggiofioritothe imaginary district of Rome where the Martini family is based.

lino banfi: “it would be wonderful to meet all together”

About twenty-five years after her debut and almost seven years after the series finale, which aired in November 2016, Verdiana Bixio has revealed that she is working on an idea to celebrate the protagonists of A doctor in the family: “I’m trying to pursue an idea that isn’t a reunionbut something more, in the spirit of that series, after all the fans have been asking for it for some time and now it has been a good twenty-five years”.

The words of the producer immediately intrigued the public who for almost twenty years followed the story of Nonno Libero, progenitor of the large family.

Reached by TAG24, Lino Banfi said: “I’m really happy if A doctor In the family 11 it will be done, I’ve been wanting to give the Martini family a really nice ending for a long time. They always stop me on the street to ask me to do a new season”.

The actor then added: “A few days ago I was in Maratea to collect a lifetime achievement award, during a meeting with young authors I was offered a film in which the protagonist was an old retired railwayman. I thanked but explained that in case I would have preferred to go back to being Nonno Libero”.

Lino Banfi continued speaking of the meeting with Maria Pia Ammirati, director of Rai Fiction: “On the same day she too was a guest in Maratea and at that point I decided to talk to her to explain my idea for a possible new season. I told her explained that I would like to go back to play Nonno Libero for another last season”.

Finally, the actor concluded: “I also told her that to tell a good ending it wouldn’t have been necessary to make thirteen episodes, but that less would have been enough, therefore with lower costs. I think we can even think of doing six evenings. If this news were really true, it would be wonderful to meet all of us together, I’m waiting for a call”.