A few kilos less than Vite al Limite, but today she is a completely different person: look at her, she is breathtaking

She lost a few kilos at Vite al Limite, but today she is a completely different person: look at her how she has become, she is truly breathtaking.

We have happened so many times to talk to you about those people who have chosen to contact Dr. Nowzaradan from Lives to the Limit to get back in shape. Who for one reason and who for another, unfortunately, began to have this spasmodic attachment to food, having to deal with obesity very early on.

Very different today. Credits: Discovery

The story of this very young patient of the Iranian surgeon is very special. At the time of her participation in Vite al Limite, she was 31 years old, weighing a whopping 288 kg and all intentions to lose weight. She too, however, just like Angela Gutierrez did, failed at all to make words go hand in hand with deeds. Of course, during her journey to the clinic, the young woman managed to lose 60 kg, but it is a few kilos compared to those lost by Melissa Morris.

But what happened after the program? And, above all, how do we find it today? She who knows what will have clicked in her head, but we can tell you that now the patient of Dr. Nowzaradan is totally different from the times of Lives on the Limit. We tracked her down on Facebook and rest assured that her current beauty is breathtaking.

A few kilos less than Vite al Limite, today it is beautiful: looking is believing

Not everyone is able to bring about real shocking transformations during their journey a Lives to the Limit. In fact, there are those who manage to achieve perfect physical shape only once they return home. It is the example of this very young patient of Dr. Nowzaradan during his seventh season of the program. During her weight loss course in the clinic, in fact, the very young woman had managed to shed only a few kilos, but since she returned home she has completely transformed. Most likely, many remember the story of Ashley Bernard.

What do we know about her now? We cannot hide from you that it was a great surprise to see it today years after Vite al Limite. Compared to those times, in fact, the very young Ashley is totally different and, above all, very beautiful! Of course, we don’t know what her current shape weight is, but we assure you that her transformation is visible to the naked eye. Look at you too, you will be amazed:

a few kilos less lives to the limit
Ashley today. Credits: Instagram

Really gorgeous, right? Ashley is the full demonstration of how essential it is to maintain a healthy and regulated diet even after the spotlight is off. Her initial 288 kg and the consequent 228 obtained after the diet, no longer exist: today Ashley is beautiful!