A few more hours to the Grand Hotel finale, will there be the fourth season? Resounding!

There are still a few hours to go until the Grand Hotel season finale, but many are wondering if there will be a fourth season? Really sensational!

Do not make any commitments for tonight and tomorrow night: the last two appointments of Grand Hotel-intrigues and passions! Exceptionally, the Spanish TV series will not only air on Friday, as usual, but also on Thursday, giving its viewers continuous twists.

Grand Hotel last episode. Credits: Instagram

The previews of tonight’s episode – as also told in our very recent article – tell us that the penultimate appointment of the Grand Hotel will be totally unmissable. Alicia and Julio, in fact, continue to live their love story clandestinely, but Diego is seriously intent on finding out who his wife’s lover is until he gets to set a trap for her. How will it end? We’ll see! Let me be clear: in a few hours, we will also talk about Andres and his death sentence, but be very careful because something unthinkable is coming.

Waiting for tonight’s episode, which as you can see will be totally unmissable, are there several who are wondering if there will be a fourth season of the TV series? The the final in season, but then what? What we have just discovered is truly sensational!

Very close to the Grand Hotel finale: will there be any new episodes?

Great success for the TV series Grand Hotel, which, even if it has come to a halt, continues to be unbeatable. Tonight and tomorrow night, as we said, his last two appointments will be on the air, but what will happen? Do you think Alicia and Julio will be able to live their love story in the light of the sun? And, above all, what will become of Donna Teresa and Diego? Who knows! Waiting, however, to find out what will happen in these last two episodes, we want to answer a question that, without any doubt, all of you will have asked yourselves on the occasion of the great Grand Hotel finale: Will there be a fourth season?

We know very well that the continuation of the third season aired after a year, but what do we know about the fourth? Maybe not everyone knows, but Grand Hotel will end forever just tomorrow night. This means, therefore, that the episode that will be broadcast on Friday 26 August will be the final one and that there will be no new episodes to wait. A bit like another very popular TV series that recently aired, if you remember!

final grand hotel
Grand Hotel tv series. Credits: Instagram

A big bad news, therefore, for all the fans of Grand Hotel, who were hoping that after tomorrow’s finale there would be new episodes. At this point, we just have to hope that the last episode is really shocking!