A girl comes out, a hymn to Malika Ayane’s lightheartedness

The song, with punk-rock nuances and retro taste, is a tribute to the beat music of the 60s when people flocked to clubs and beaches to dance the shake

While it is still ongoing Malika Summer Tour 2022the new single by Malika AyaneA girl‘(distributed by Warner Music Italy) written and composed by the singer-songwriter with Pacifico and Andrea Bonomoproduced by Greg Willen and available on all digital platforms. ‘A girl’ is an ode to carefree, a life choice that is the fruit of awareness and experience that matures and experiences over time. The song, with its nuances punk-rock and with a retro taste, it represents a tribute to the beat music of the 60s, a historical period of reconstruction and joy in which people flocked to clubs and beaches to dance shakeone of the timeless dances and protagonists of the 60s parties, full of fun and lightness.

What Malika wants to communicate through this summer single with a dancing rhythm is to try to live by letting oneself be carried away by the curious instinct that characterizes the human being, laughing loudly. Malika’s new single, in addition to being inspired by the Ramones homage to the Ronette with the cover of “Baby I love you”, is also the songwriter’s debut song in the new Management of MK3agency led by the lawyer Angelo Calculli.

Malika Summer Tour 2022, produced and organized by Friends & Partners, is Malika’s new live journey that will visit some of the most evocative locations in Italy and the main Italian festivals. The first musical events started on 2 June from Viareggio (LU) and then continued from July in Misano Adriatico (RN), Bergamo, Salemi (TP), Bard (AO), Castiglione del lago (PG), Matera, Pavia, ending finally on 15 September in Francavilla Fontana (BR). Malika Ayane during these live shows of her retraces her artistic career from the beginning of her by bringing back on stage the songs that have seen her perform on the most important Italian stages, becoming one of the great icons of Italian music. In the lineup not only the great classics of the Milanese artist, but also his latest hits and a wave of new music.In this musical and harmonic journey Malika will not be alone, but accompanied by an exceptional band composed by Stefano Brandoni on guitar, Andrea Andreoli on trombone, Raffaele Trapasso on bass, Carlo Gaudiello on piano and Phil Mer on drums.