A hacker made Anya Taylor-Joy announce The Chess Queen 2

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One of the creators of The queen of chessi had been very clear about the non-existent possibility of a second season of the starring miniseries Anya Taylor-Joy. Scott Frank he had in fact already explained during the evening of the Emmy Awards of 2021 that he felt he had already brought the story he wanted to tell to the screen: there would be no sequels. A clear closure to a possible sequel which was then confirmed over time by various protagonists of the project, without however being able to completely extinguish the hopes of the fans. The latter were jolted when on January 30, 2023 it seemed that their dreams could surprise come true, thanks to a cryptic announcement by the show’s lead actress on Twitter.

The hacker had checkedmate

The tweet that appeared on Anya Taylor-Joy’s profile consisted of only three words but that was enough to drive the web crazy: “The Queen’s Gambit 2”. A short message but able to ignite for the first time the enthusiasm of those who wish for a sequel, at least for ten minutes. So much has survived the message on the Twitter of the actress of The Menu who then, on another social network, clarified that the message was the result of a hack: she had not written it which, moreover, has been inactive on the platform recently acquired by Elon Musk since November 23, 2020. time in which the joke survived on the bulletin board of Beth Harmon’s interpreter, however, there were thousands of likes and at least a hundred practically instantaneous retweets. An exploit that makes it clear how much the public really hopes for a near return de The chess queen.

No hope of seeing the queen again

Taylor-Joy’s latest statements on the matter also date back to a couple of years ago, when the star had spoken to Deadline about her love for the character of Backy and how much she wouldn’t be entirely sorry to return to the role of the “terror of pedestrians and horses” in the near future: “It’s surreal and wonderful that people want a second season, because we’ve never thought about it, it hasn’t been discussed. That said, never say never in Hollywood… It would be very interesting to see what Beth would be like as her mother now that she is sober and more aware of her demons than she is.” Unlike what happened recently in more or less similar cases, such as that of a possible Encantato 2 (which in any case had been defined by the screenwriter Jared Bush as a “shared desire”), this time the hack did not lead to any possible openings: on the contrary, everyone hastened to clarify that The chess queen 2 it is not a planned project. On the other hand, already in 2021 one of the creators of the miniseries had been clear on the matter: “I feel that we have told the story we wanted and I worry, indeed I am terrified, that if we try to tell something more we would ruin what we have already told” Scott Frank had stated. The executive producer William Holberg he had taken the opportunity to echo him shortly after, reiterating what the showrunner said while not excluding that the same team could have reunited for a possible new operation in the future: “We will certainly continue to work all together. And we will try to find another story to tell with the same passion and the same team of incredible artists”. Almost two years later we can say that probably this idea on which to bring together all the protagonists of the previous success has not yet been found. And in any case, even if a new project should really be in the works, almost certainly the latter will not include Beth Harmon and a chessboard with all due respect to fans of the series.