A It is not the rai was beautiful, have you seen how it has become today? Time does not seem to have passed

On the stage of Non è la Rai it did not go unnoticed because it was beautiful, but have you seen how it has become today? Time seems not to have passed.

As well as all the other editions, the fourth and last of Non è la rai was truly unmissable. Conducted by Ambra Angiolini, this season has seen many beautiful and enchanting girls alternate on the very famous stage of the studio. How can we forget, for example, Angela Di Cosimo or Nicole Grimaudo, who is now a beloved actress. But not only. Do you remember Emanuela Natale!

It is not the rai. Credits: Instagram

Although very young at the time of It is not the rai, his skill and beauty have by no means gone unnoticed. To date, in fact, there are many people who are wondering something more about her. In the famous transmission of Gianni Boncompagni was beautiful, but how has it become today? Well. Almost 30 years after her last appearance in the studio, we were able to track her down on social media. And we found that – despite the time that has passed – she hasn’t changed at all over time. No more chatter, see with your own eyes.

Emanuela Natale was beautiful at Non è la rai: how is it today?

There are many girls who took turns in the study of It is not the rai, but equally different are those who have entered the heart of their audience and continue to be so even now. Among these, there is no doubt her: Emanuela Natale. Are you curious to know what happened to today? And, above all, how did she become?

We don’t have a lot of information about his life today, unfortunately! Even if he said “goodbye” to the world of TV and entertainment, we have not been able to steal news on what he does today from a professional point of view. What, however, we can tell you without too many doubts is how – despite the time – she has not changed at all. We tracked her down on Instagram. And, sifting through her home, we found several shots that testify to her unchanged charm. At the time of Non è la Rai she was a girl beautiful, but today she is even more so: now she is a splendid woman. Take a look here:

it is not the beautiful rai today
Emanuela today. Credits: Instagram

In short, it would seem that time has not passed for her at all. Do you agree?

What are you doing today?

How has your life changed after the famous Mediaset program? As we said previously, we cannot know what the beautiful Emanuela Natale does today after her Non è la rai. Tracing her on social media and sifting through her Instagram channel carefully, however, it would seem that the former face of the famous show is a lover of jewelry and watches. Therefore, a job that reflects this passion of her cannot be ruled out. What do you tell us? Would you like to receive some more news about her?