A Japanese startup creates a robot similar to Gundam: 4 meters high, costs 3 million dollars

It’s called Archax and costs $3 million. The robot, developed by Tokyo-based startup Tsubame Industries, has four wheels, is 4.5 meters tall, weighs 3.5 tons and resembles “Gundam”, the character from the hugely popular Japanese animation series. The name derives from the Archeopteryx dinosaur and can be piloted like a car, thanks to the monitors in the cockpit which receive images from cameras attached to the outside, so that the pilot can maneuver his arms and hands with the joysticks from inside.

The robot’s modes

The robot, which will be unveiled at the JapanMobility Show at the end of October, has two modes: the upright “robot mode” and a “vehicle mode” in which it can travel up to 10 km (6 miles) per hour. “Japan is very good at animation, games, robots and cars, so I thought it would be great to create a product that includes all these elements in one,” said RyoYoshida, the 25-year-old CEO of Tsubame Industries . “I wanted to create something that said, ‘This is Japan’.” Yoshida currently plans to build and sell five machines to wealthy robot enthusiasts, but he hopes the robot could one day be used for disaster relief or in the space industry.