A life on the run, the film by and with Sean Penn, based on a true story, premieres on Sky TV

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A life on the rundirected by and starring the two-time Academy Award® winner Sean Penn, he arrives premiere on Sky on Wednesday 16 November, at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due and Sky Cinema 4K, streaming on NOW and available on demand, also in 4K quality.

Based on the true story of the most notorious forger in American history, A LIFE ON THE RUN traces the life of Jennifer Vogel over twenty years, as she faces adulthood, addressing the thwarted relationship with her beloved father, con man John Vogel.

To recount this complicated family relationship, Sean Penn plays with his children in the film Dylan Penn And Hopper Jack Penn, who play the roles of Jennifer and her brother Nick. The Oscar® nominee completes the cast Josh Brolinthe two-time Tony Award winner Norbert Leo Butzit’s still Dale Dickey, Eddie Marsan, Bailey NobleAnd Katheryn Winnickas well as the very popular musical artist Jadyn Rylee in her first acting role. Adapted from the book Flim-Flam Man: The True Story of My Father’s Counterfeit Life by Jennifer Vogel, from the screenplay by the Tony Award-winning playwright Jez Butterworth and from John-Henry Butterworth.

A life on the runhistory

Based on a heartbreaking true story filled with humor, One Life on the Run traces the life of Jennifer Vogel over the span of twenty years as she moves into adulthood dealing with her troubled relationship with her beloved father, con man John Vogel. Young Jennifer’s life on the idyllic Minnesota prairies is turned upside down when John becomes increasingly restless and decides to abandon his family. Her mother Patty tries to make ends meet to support Jennifer and her brother Nick, but she sinks into despair and alcoholism when her children leave her for an exciting summer full of lake adventures with her father . When his shady dealings reach a dangerous level, John sends the children back to their mother, disappearing again from Jennifer’s life. Jennifer turns into a rebellious teenager who finds living with her mother unbearable. After a terrifying encounter with her new stepfather, tensions between Jennifer and Patty boil over and Jennifer decides to reconnect with John. Finding her father depressed and out of phase, Jennifer discovers new meaning in her life by helping him get back on his feet and put his life in order. Jennifer finds it increasingly difficult to piece together John’s daily life and soon after, when he is arrested for a bank robbery, she is frightened to learn the truth about her father’s dangerous double life. After an emotional encounter with John in prison, Jennifer cuts ties with him and heads west to California in hopes of escaping the painful influence of her family. During the trip, she feels a deep sense of bewilderment and ends up deciding to go home to build a life for herself. After making peace with Patty and Nick, Jennifer attends college and begins studying to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an investigative journalist, ignoring the letters John sends her from prison. Finally enjoying her much-deserved stability, Jennifer’s career takes off when she begins writing for a local newspaper. The reports that are entrusted to her become more and more important, until one day she receives the most prestigious assignment of her career, but she is shocked when John reappears expressing a desire to get closer and promises to rebuild their relationship. Initially Jennifer agrees to spend time with her father, but soon she senses more lies from her and decides to launch searches for her service. Desperate to prove her worth, John begins counterfeiting money, and her dark secrets come to the surface in an unexpected and explosive way. All Jennifer has to do is reconcile her mixed feelings for her father and find a sense of personal freedom from the shadows of this man’s past.