“A light that guides my path”: the mother remembers the actor who died at 23

On his birthday, the mother recalled the actor who died at the age of 23: the message is goosebumps.

Surviving a bereavement is something inexplicable. Doing so, then, when you lose a very young child, is totally unacceptable. This is precisely what the mother clearly implies of the actor who died at the age of 23 with this latest social post. On the occasion of her birthday, the woman wanted to share a photo of her with the young man on her official social account, dedicating some creepy words to him.

23-year-old actor. Credits: Youtube

If for many August 23 does not represent an important date at all, for the mother of the very young actor who passed away at the age of 23, it is. On this very day, his son was born. “I experienced a love beyond my comprehension, which transformed my life and multiplied inside and outside of me”, wrote the woman accompanying a photo that portrays her in the company of her son.

The one shared by the woman on her official social page is a message full of love, which clearly describes a woman’s love for her child. He remains a light that guides my path “, wrote again. In short, words that are very reminiscent of those that the children of another beloved actress wrote for the death of their mother.

The actor died when he was only 23: the memory of his mother

He was very young when he died, yet the actor was one of the most famous of his time. As soon as 23 years, but an impressive career behind him and several awards he had been awarded. In short, the young man had all the credentials to become a real acting star. On October 31, 1993, however, the dramatic news of his death. Following an overdose, the beloved American actor is dead! A more than tragic event, as it can be clearly understood, shocked everyone at the time.

On his birthday, his mother of the dead actor he couldn’t help but celebrate the birth of his first child, giving him some creepy words. On August 23, 1970, at 12:03, in a town called Madras in Oregon, I became a mother “, This is exactly how the long post that River Phoenix’s mother dedicated to him on the day he should have celebrated his birthday begins.

Even though it’s been years since his death, forgetting the young River Phoenix is ​​really impossible. It is precisely for this reason that – in addition to her sister’s wishes – their mom’s social post was immediately bombed. In many others, in fact, they could not help but remember the very young actor.

actor who died 23 years
Phoenix social post. Credits: instagram

A very sweet portrait of mother and son, therefore, which melted everyone’s heart.